Game won't log me in - anyone else?


For the last hour it has been like this.

Hope it will be up soon! :slight_smile:


same here can`t play for over 30 minutes



@Eika Same here, it’s a no-go for me also.


same. can’t log and if does it constant retry /script error/server problem


I can log I’m, play a bit then get kicked. Chats arent working tho, and I have a bug that I get celestial trait stones after completing blight land quests, got 4 in a row so far. Already reported it in 1.0.9 issues.


Sad thing but ok this can happen, but have to give a big shout out to the devs they are making a great job, listen to the community and response super quick to our posts.

so thanks alot, love your game


Be patient guys. I bet it is not easy to work on fix and read forum especially with only few persons.


yup , they made a great fun game so kudos to them and the quick respons , they are trying to fix things so be a little patient



Sometimes the hang was at “Loading Hero”.


Yeah I’m completely shut out too. Ugh and I had a nice 1 hr session planned before I’m busy as heck for the next week, oh well…


Sorry everyone. Our servers are experiencing some problems at the moment, across all platforms. This isn’t related to 1.0.9, just a bad coincidence.

Hopefully the downtime isn’t too long.


Will it help if you disable the ingame chat for a while to make the servers job a bit easier?


We will investigate issues with the in game chat today. However the server issues we’re currently experiencing are completely unrelated to the chat at this stage.