Game will not load


Are the servers currently experiencing difficulties? I have tried starting the game 5 times and it stays on the ‘Loading’ screen. Tried restarting my computer but it yielded the same result.
After a few minutes it gives this…


I neeeeeed my fiiiiiiixxxx!


I also get this error. PS4


Same here. On Steam.


Same for me !!!
But Then It Got WIERD …
Telling me im logging in as the wrong person. Thats not even my log-in in the pic .

Tried on Android and Windows 10… NaDa


Restarted my PC twice. Should have come here first. Must be something big coming


I’m also having the same problem I was playing fine 20 minutes ago then it gave me some long error code


Games been acting sluggish last couple of hours. Not the normal slow…


At least we now know it isn’t our computers/consoles :slightly_smiling:


Yeah. First time I waited I had a Long support error that was in about .5 size font. Then the second time I waited I got the incorrect username error… Just adding my name to the list… Error from Steam. Errored on both a Win 10 and a Win 8.1 machine.


Atleast its not just me getting the ERROR incorrect login details.

Whats eveyones user name saing in the error message ? Same as mine ?


Stuck on the loading screen…


I’ll launch the game again and see if it gives me the same error message.



I too am having issue logging on. Glad I’m not alone. Mobile.
Getting error "Incorrect Login Details. Username: DKVUXJsXZmFe


All I get. :slight_smile:


You are not alone, the game was working fine a few hours ago, now wont load.


HaHa @Wrangler
Now we know your the one who broke the game.


That’s what my error code liked like on mobile


Hey folks, servers are experiencing some difficulties - ur server provider is working to fix the problem