Game will not load (ps4)


Im currently unable to load the game on ps4. Its offering an error msg (CE-34878-0). Anyone else experiencing this? Is this an issue with the game itself, or is something going on at Sonys end?

Any ideas?


It’s a psn outage




Thanks for clearing that up.



Are you guys still having issues? One player has reported that they can now access the game.


I was having this issue earlier but it has cleared up. I am getting more errors today than normal … internal errors and whatever a 503 error is .


try to set ur primary dns to
and secondary to


oh hell … router controls here I come I guess


haha no u can do that on ur playstation
settings - network - set up interner connection - use lan (or wifi ) costom
and then just everything automatic but when it ask u for dns settings u put for primary and for secondary hope that helps


I’ll do that. Thank you. Do you know why this happens?


yeah sometimes the severs are just weak so if u do that ur changing ur sever i cant guarantee its working but its worth a try