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Game play in gems of war

I find myself frustrated with games such as raid and pet rescue as well as others either the enemy cards are way higher than yours or you are only allowed to choose poorer troops to fight. The enemies cards in these should not be higher in life, shield or at least not so much you are outmatched by them. The other thing you should be able to choose any of your cards from your whole roster when going into these type side games. Has anyone else felt this same frustration in these areas? It is frustrating because I can barely make it above level 20 meaning I miss out on all the rest because my cards are outmatched by the enemy so no hope to win. I sincerely wish devs would think about these type issues and fix them

As harsh as it sounds, those are not issues at all. Those game modes (Raids, Invasion) are desinged for each player to hit a wall somewhere. They get harder the further you get.

Also, you obviously are new to the game. a lot of a players strength comes from upgrading the kingdoms. to do that, you will (at some point) have to level up troops that you dont always need or even like. Beeing forced to use (and upgrade) specific troops for these events is really not that bad once you start to have a couple of teams that work out the other aspects of the game.
Also, don’t worry too much about those events. take your time in figuring out what you want to use, then level up those troops. You don’t need to use up your sigils as soon as you get them. Sunday evening is just as good.