You are ruining your great game!

Dear developers

I enjoy a lot of different aspects of Gems of War and spend many hours playing the game across three accounts. The Raid Boss and Invasion modes however are not part of my enjoyment and certainly not that they have replaced the weekly Guild Wars which is one of the best parts of the game.

Raid Boss and Invasion seem like an insult to your own game. The beauty of the game is to combine troops to support each other and be a threat to the opposing team. In Raid Boss and Invasion the opponent lifts its middle finger shouting “I’m invulnerable to bloody anything” and you’re left with brute force and luck. This is not what the rest of the game is about in my opinion so why are you ruining your own game this way?

Cheers Mike


Looking at the leaderboard and some people must really enjoy it to put that much points


Concisely states what has become a negative feature. Brute force and luck shouldn’t determine the outcome as it largely does with the Boss. You can rightly say, avoid the Boss, don’t play the Boss. I think everyone is up for a challenge but its not a challenge when the Boss has so many advantages, killer hit, barrier, is supported by exploders with massive skull damage, the naga queen dishing out regular doses of 62 extra life this week. Okay you say, use the Mang, even use Queen Ysabelle through the Mang’s attack. You deal thee hundred damage and still don’t remove a troop. The Boss insolently and brazenly removes a key troop, nothing random about it and impudently sits behinds its barrier building for its next attack. Yeah I get lucky and crack the Boss early [rarely] , yeah the Mang occassionally smashes its way right down the line [probably rarer]. Most of the time though win or lose, its a slog. A trugding time consuming grind. And when a Boss match moves [often very quickly] out of your control/ or even reasonable chance of a fightback [ very rare] , you basically get match humiliated. You get carved and liquidated. Yeah you could rage quit ,but you want the damage [often a puny 200-300] done to the Boss. Mmm, on reflection , the longer you fight the Boss, the more pointless it actually becomes. A pointless part of the game, well becomes pointless to play.
Okay enough negative. Most matches in GoW involve a challenge because whatever you face, you have a genuine countering troop. You can’t effectively counter the Boss because of its carte blanche immunities, imperviouness etc. The player want an Achilles heel , to at least feel they are in a match beyond the opening few moves. So let the Boss be blanket immunities with one exception, the challenge then is to exploit it. Its a no brainer game at the moment where skull smash and brute fast elimination of the Boss is the only match option. No variety in tactics for the player…whats the point.


What about godslayer?

Godslayers are completely irrelevant at a certain stage of your Raid, which is another great problem these modes have. A godslayers hundredsomething damage is barely going to scratch a high Raidboss and manged up skullmatches is all that remains meaningfull.


Combined with mang i think you can manage to deal serious damages

What does “combined with mang” even mean here? Godslayers do pityful damage compared to the Mang-skulls at higher Raidlevels.

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I mean you remove the armor with mang then finish boss with godlasyer, yeah of course if your godslayer is only epic or legendary you won’t make lot of damage but at mythic you only need to hit him twice

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So your godslayer does 250+ damage? Nice one, maybe i should throw all my gems on 'em to make them mythic after all.

Math is hard for you isn’t it…

Not sure if you are talking to me but if so what is your point exactly?

I said you need to hit him twice
28x5x2= 280 damages

Honestly i didn’t read that part guess that is on me, in any case Godslayers hugely miss the mark by only dealing a fraction of the damage a Mang-skullmatch does, especially if you consider that Godslayers are completely useless for dispatching the other 3 troops.


I know mang skull damage is better but if you can get ride of the boss early in the battle you don’t need godslayer anymore and should normally be able to finish the 3 other troops relatively easy

Yeah there is exeption like deathmark or charm, nothing you can really do exept be quicker then them

Yea it was aimed at you. The card says exactly what happens. Raises damage as it ascends

Normally I would say that you are winning for nothing and that, raid boss is fair. But this week Raid boss is a freaking Nightmare with Bone Naga in first spot and double Naga Queen or A Marilith that destroy the whole board FFS!!!

I never lost more than 5 battle the previous week and this week I lost 20 battle .

And The addition of Doomskull makes it an even greater nightmare seriously.

I am stuck at boss level 270 this week compare to the previous Raid where I never been below boss level 300 while buying tier 4 at every occasion including this week…

oO I completely forgot the most annoying thing Zuul Goth spell giving him barrier…


Yes and i know, i was being facetious about my legendary godslayer suddenly more than doubling its damage when ascended to mythic when it was implied my godslayer just isn’t ascended high enough to be relevant at higher raidlevels.

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It’s a gem draining, zombified mindless grind. At least Invasion has a tad more variety/strategy with the the diiferent towers…

Agree with a point below, Raid Boss essentially nullifies your ability to be creative and come up with counter troops/strategy…

oh well, if you like it, don’t invest, there are other things to do in GOW…


I think the fact that Mang or the troop of the week (you have to spend gems to get) are the only viable ways to win should be a good indicator of how flawed the new game is. I’ve been playing since the game came out on Steam and Since the changes I find it a chore just to login, I’ve dropped out of my guild and the only thing I do is occasionally do the dungeons. It’s sad that I used to play daily and now it’s eh once a week not counting daily logins. Even new troops are eh, I haven’t really felt compelled to go after any of the new troops (including mythics) or weapons in months. The pets are just another drain that doesn’t add much. So many ways to play with little to no return for doing them, treasure maps on a game wide scale lol


The Godslayer is useful only when the Boss has no barrier. The barrier intensifies the Bosses already strong advantages. Failure to destroy the Boss with a mang hit, then two godslayer hits [thats asking a lot while three minions belt your troops with excessive hits] , oh and I’m meant to try to get a sigil [ sometimes] at the same time; yeah you get it all [rarely] , but failure to destroy the boss before it destroys a crucial part of your team[whose counting but it certainly over % hits the mang/ godslayer] then barriers and its advantage is exponential. The godslayer has no dispel and the Bosses blanket list of all immunities probably would cover that too. Yes you can win but geez everything has to go right and go right very quickly. That is luck rather than good player skill. What also bothers me with Boss matches is the lack of even remote late game recovery that always nearly remains an option in most of GoW. So it could be said: I could use Sir Gwayne this week and the godslayer gives Ysabelle, maybe [50%] , there is my recovery chance [and yes Gwayne has delivered big time about twice in 260 Boss levels] Oh the Boss , he just delivers his filthy payload every-time.