Game Images Not Showing - 3.2 Update

This is more of a support log for any other struggling players with the 3.2 update.

After updating my phone to 3.2, I seemed to be missing some of the game files. My post battle screen showed the cards with all items earned, but each card was blank and missing the image file. I didn’t know what the new traitstones looked like because those images were nowhere to be found on my device. When loading into a battle, the card and the troop image would be on my screen for one of the enemies troops, but halfway through the load it would disappear.

A fresh install of the game has since fixed all these problems. Just remember to write down your email and password which can be found in the options menu.

Hope this can help a few people.

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This is exactly the state of the game on my phone. Thanks for the fix suggestion.

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