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Problems with New update

Hi i recently updated my game and since then its been a struggle to do my arena runs and battles._

I would recommend to go into your troop list and click the"show all" and then scroll all the way down until every single card image appear. Then do the same thing for weapons and pets. Restart the game and now it should be fine

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Max has the right of it. :slight_smile:

If you are experiencing long loading times on Mobile, please go here: http://bit.ly/2r9TIlV

But your solution provided with the link is more complete

I didn’t know about the power saving mode

And the plugging the phone

Thanks but I still can’t battle in the arena. Just want load this new update really sucks

Thank you . So I just did another update and it fixed my problems :blush:

Yep. Update fixed it!

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