[Investigating] STILL missing artwork on mobile in 7.0

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I can’t figure out how to share a screenshot here from my device, but it’s self-explanatory. Tested by looking up Axe Beak, one of the known broken troops.

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I was expecting that after four months and multiple rounds of promises that this would finally be resolved, especially since the 7.0 release notes said it was. Missing troop artwork is still missing, even after using the “Download All Assets” button.

Why isn’t “Download All Assets” doing what it says on the label? The images are clearly missing or they would appear in-game. How hard is it to simply assess which things are missing and clear any flags that might be preventing them from re-download?

FWIW, on Android, and for me, the missing artwork does so far appear to be fixed without needing a Download All Assets: I am now able to see the troop + spell art for the recent problem cases (Skelly Cat, Beltane, Axe Beak etc) and haven’t yet experienced the “artwork glitches out to white” occurrences during team construction or battle.

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@LummoxJR, you haven’t reinstalled GoW since the issue first occurred, correct? I think that’s important to mention since that’s part of the dev’s way of fixing the issue.

I understand why you’d be unwilling to, but that’s what we’re stuck with.

Same, all graphic glitches seem to be fixed; no “glitching to white or black”, no disappearing images mid-battle, no glitches on troop selection screen. Looks good so far after the update to 7.0. I didn’t reinstall the game, I just installed the update and hit “download all assets”.

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I do understand that it is frustrating, but please ensure you have the latest version of Gems of War before using the download all assets button. This is because the fixes the development team have put out for this issue will be in the latest version.

  • Close out Gems of War completely (So it’s not running in the background)
  • Uninstall and reinstall Gems of War
  • Use the download all assets button

I had already updated the version before using the button.

It should not be necessary to uninstall and reinstall the game to fix this. All you need is to fix the Download All Assets button so that it correctly assesses which assets are missing first. Short of that, an advanced troubleshooting mode with a button that does a full re-download would also fix this.

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Are all remaining cases of missing artwork on iOS?

There’s this case. Two reports in Discord from guild family members. And new post at Missing Image Artwork in the following troops. All iOS.

Is anybody aware of any remaining cases of missing artwork on Android?