All assets gone?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I loaded up the game and a 34MB patch started downloading. Once the game was up and running I noticed unusually long load times to do anything. I then went to edit my troops and noticed that all the portrait art was gone, all the spell portraits were gone and seemingly whenever I do anything new art assets need to be downloaded.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Don’t know.

If someone knows a quick way to update all assets that would be great because it’s taking about 5-10 seconds to open a troop profile or go to a kingdom or basically anything I do for the first time since getting this 34mb patch. At this rate it’ll take me hours before I have everything loaded again.

Sounds like the update’s laying ground for the next patch. Your device is likely just loading slowly to to storage space, I recommend uninstalling anything you don’t need and see if it makes things any faster.

If (after uninstalling apps) the issue persists, try contacting Support.

i know its an old trick, but uninstall, clear your cache (if its an android you can get to it from your task manager, where you close running apps), and reboot. once you reinstall, most problems will be cleared out.

34 mb is about what my tablet does everytime i run it after clearing my cache.

Thanks guys. Is there any special trick to uninstalling this game? Do I need a code or something when I reinstall?

In the settings -> Account you can link your account to an e-mail and afterwards generate a passcode. With this passcode you can reload your old account on any device after you reinstall.

Awesome. Appreciate the help gents.