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Is this going to happen everyday now?

Yesterday was the same. Took me hours to download everything.



I"ve had it happen twice too and it’s annoying AF.

From what I’ve been able to piece together, the devs are pushing small content patches to test out 3.5 stuff. Part of that seems to be a fix for the asset cache corruption, but it clearly has to delete said cache to do so. When it does, you end up having to redownload a lot of things.

I have a feeling it happened once yesterday morning and once yesterday evening. You can tell several things in the game changed, including the incorrect representation that gem chests can drop Ingots.

There is, of course, no confirmation. The dev policy over the past few months seems to be “never discuss what goes out in patches”. For example, the Soulforge behavior was changed months before it was confirmed. This is pretty convenient for them: if it’s true that secret, invisible patches are accepted by the community, then it’s harder for players to determine what is and isn’t a bug.

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I hope you’re right and this is over once the final version of 3.5 is out.

Hopefully it’s just a one-off twice-off thing.


Pretty much every time I open troops menu it takes a few minutes, sometimes I even have to restart the application.

It’s a glitch that is super annoying make a post to the bugs section

Just wanted to add a metoo

Very tiresome, basically ate my entire morning play window 2 days running

This stupid thing only started happening in last patch or one before. How can this be an improvement? It used to be instant loading the troop art. 1 step forward 3 steps back.

Here is the sordid tale.

About this time last year, Gems of War had a Unity engine on some platforms and an Adobe Air engine on others. It also had stylish, fantasy-themed art that included bitmapped display of some text and numeric elements.

A Chinese translation was desired, and having two engines was a burden that caused lots of weirdness. So the Adobe Air engine was dropped and replaced with the Unity Engine. At the same time, the art was abandoned in favor of a colder, solid-color interface that used vectored text and numeric indicators.

In the Unity engine, some kind of auto-magic image cache is being used for art like the troop images. It displays a placeholder if you don’t have the image, downloads it, and replaces the placeholder once it’s downloaded. Next time, it just uses the image from the cache.

Somewhere around 3.3 or 3.4, this cache had some kind of botched upgrade. It needed to delete the old cached images, but sometimes it couldn’t. This caused it to have troubles downloading or displaying images, and the end result was most people couldn’t play without the game freezing. The solution was to delete and reinstall the game, which cleared the old cache and made the new one work. Sort of. For most people, some game graphics loaded incorrectly no matter how many times they reinstalled.

Yesterday there were two unannounced patches to the game. Both seem to have completely obliterated the old image cache. Because of that, you have to download the images again. Overall, the post-3.2/3.3 version of the cache isn’t as nice, and even when you have all of the images downloaded it can still take some time to load images. But at least in this iteration, it seems like the formerly glitched images display properly.

We’ll probably have to do it again once 3.5 releases. I’m suspicious the bit of code in question is an update to the cache and to avoid the problems they had previously it starts by zapping the old one. So every time they make this adjustment, you lose what you have.

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And yet in spite of all this burned data quota, it is STILL telling me every time I login that it needs to download another 13.51 MB which isn’t actually downloaded. Epic dev fail.