Game froze after I bought VIP chests with gems

The chests did their shaking thing, but never bothered to open. Now I don’t have the gems, or anything else to show for it. How do I get my gems back?

Please send us a support ticket at so we can help you retrieve your lost gems.


I can’t remember if consoles received the “Mini VIP” pack option.

Can someone who’s “VIP 0” purchase the Mini VIP bundle and have ready access to VIP chests, or do they still have to reach VIP 5 before they are eligible?

VIP chests don’t allow players buying chests with Gems if they aren’t VIP 5.

If you have VIP keys, you can open VIP chests. So the Mini VIP does allow players to try out the VIP chests before trying to get to VIP 5.

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