Game force close and data has to be cleared to work again

samsung chromebook

a few times game force closed and then would not open again, had to clear the game data and log back in then it worked fine. has only been happening since the recent patch (which i love btw, great work!)

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I got a HP Chromebook about 4-5 months ago. Playing gems of war on is one hurdle after the other. I’ve given up on trying to work with support on it because as soon as it gets stable. A new update comes out and we’re back at square one.
For me…
I simply stay logged out of a Google account and log back in when I want to play gems of war on it.
It sucks when I forget and I have to wait for the game to crash before it’ll start up correctly.
Are you at least able to global chat on it?
95% of the time I can’t see what I type on it, the other 5% lasted a few weeks but then a new patch game.
When you go under settings are you able to sign into your Google account? I get a prompt when first loading the game, but unable to sign in under settings so I don’t think I’m actually linked in.

what is happening for me is the game freezes up and then i close and try to reopen but it just doesnt open closes immediately. only thing that fixes has been clearing the game data and relogging in, sometimes that even takes a few tries before it works