-= funny card =-

Some fun to relax :slight_smile:

Here my first creation:

The great cow :smile:

The design is secondary, have fun and show us your own creations :slight_smile:


There’s actually a medieval monster known as a Bonacon that looked somewhat like a cow with dung that burned its enemies, so something like this could justifiably be included in the game… :open_mouth:

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Is the base rarity Legendary? If so, why does it not have a third unique legendary trait?

right yonizaf, i forget this ^^, but it’s just for fun :slight_smile:
Next time, I take care …

At least it looks much like a beast. :slight_smile:

Take a look at this beast. I lose sleep when I think about it…

eh? why? Pegasus is an animal of sorts… what else would it be? Monster type?

Easy one. Divine if you ask me, like Sacred Guardian…

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Lucky that the devs didn’t ask you then, if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue:

Beast is most suitable… I guess it could get Divine as a second type, if we ever get to have second types…

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I think that Divine is most suitable, if you ask me.

Should be “THe Holy Cow” and silence instead of poison.

Hakuna matata week :joy: