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Emperor Khorvash's coolest Monster Rhino!

Am I the only one that wants a new card with the Monster that looks like the coolest Rhino in the entire Krystara?I just want the monster without a Khorvash on top. Could be an Epic rarity. Anyone else?



I think Khorvash could use a buff. They should have this monster spawn in his place if he dies, a la Drake Rider. And maybe this monster could spawn a Manticore when it dies.

Unrelated question: where is that second horn (in the bottom right of the picture) coming from?


That would be cool. :slight_smile:
Is that monster unique to only Khorvash or is Leonis overrun with other rhino monsters?


The one he is riding and possibly tamed might be a pack leader or alpha male. :stuck_out_tongue:


To me the monster alone looks quite Legendary. :stuck_out_tongue: Possibly its not weaker when its untamed, as its wilder :stuck_out_tongue:

They might be quite Common in Leonis Empire, like rabbits or squirrels here.

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Yeah, I just dont want it to be a common creature, because it looks so freaking cool, this is not anything like the winged bison. :wink: The rarity at at least Epic seems reasonable if it should be an own card.


I think we will discover that Khorvash actually captured and tamed this Epic beast from a land that we have yet to unearth from the forthcoming map expansion!!


I hope ure right because that would have been so awesome even if we knows the story you just told. :ok_hand:
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From the wings. It’s a Manticore after all.

It’s actually a big Manticore… In Leonis Empire Quest Amira comments that Khorvash keeps his Manticore in his room.


Doesnt look like a lion face to me at all, Ivar brudda. But he might have same body type tho, 4 legs and wings?

Maybe it’s an Ancient Manticore, the horn and the mane almost absent being indicatives of it. Always thought it was the reason for Khorvash’s spell draning mana, thinking of him like an “evolved” Lion Prince dealing true damage plus the Mana Drain from his Manticore song.

Maybe @Sirrian or @Nimhain could confirm or deny it?

I am, to this day - and I HAVE stared at this image quite a few times - actually unsure if it’s really a nose horn. @Ivar is right, he’s riding a manticore as explained in the storyline and they usually don’t have nose horns.

If you look at the art of the normal manticore, you can see that they have these horns on their wings and that the flames come from the wings and their butts. Which explains the bottom right corner; that’s the wing’s horn and flame.

But what’s up with the flame-y “nose”-horn? Given that normal Manticores not only have no nose-horn but also no nose-flame, the idea of this coming from a second wing seems much more plausible.

And yes, I wish we would have that confimed by the devs as well, together with all the other questions.
Is Khorvash is actually riding the Manticore or is it just a pet/“dog”?
As they are considered sacred beings normally only found in Orpheus’ temples, does that mean he gets one just because he’s emperor?
And why does the mane of his Manticore look so different from normal? Does he trim it to look cooler or something?
The normal Manticores look like they have quite a lot of fur, actually. If Khorvash uses his Manticore as a mount, does it mean he shaves its back so that he can use a saddle without harming it so that it is like one of these hilarious mounts who then look like they have a super-fluffy butt? (I just want the Manticore to be named ‘Fluffbutt’, you know? That’s my headcanon nickname for it since weeks.)
If it sleeps in his room, is it like one of these dogs who wake you up by slobbering all over your face? Seems dangerous!

Come on, these are clearly the most important questions in the game!
And yes, I do actually wonder about all these things as Khorvash is one of my fav characters.
I have too much free time.


Look up… waaaaaay up on top of the Emperor’s crown.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a little rhino riding on him?


It is a special manitcore that only Khorvash get to ride.


Huh, that spike on the front of Emperor Korvash’s helmet kinda looks like the horn on the manticore’s forehead. This gives me an idea…


double Korvash
double Manticore


I don’t know why this has happened but I think I like it?


So we all agree that EK’s second trait should be changed to 25% chance of Summoning a Manticore upon death?



Nah, I like his third trait as is.