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Funko POP Gems of War

People have suggested before about GoW merchandise outside of the game, this I feel could be a perfect match-up. I have started collecting the Funko POP figures over some time. It would be pretty cool to be able to buy our favorite troops in a Funko POP toy. They have a separate figure line just for games. Think you could reach out and make a deal happen @Sirrian @Nimhain or even be interested in that?

Here’s one created for World of Warcraft. Imagine seeing your favorite dragon from GoW.

Here’s another for Magic the Gathering

So i’m sure they are willing to work with just about any company with enough of a following.


I don’t know if you all were interested in doing your own line, or letting someone else do it, but it could be a nice little kick back for the company once the ball got rolling. I know it’s not easy.

That might be REALLY costly to do. But it would be good advertising. Plus, I’d LOVE to have a mini-Sheggra to put on my shelf with my Alduin~

Edit: @Velkyn says he wants a bitty Webspinner, too


I need a mini Shadow Dragon, Dragon Soul, Emperina, and Amira.


Didn’t even think of that. Would be great for advertising! Could even see about putting codes on the boxes. Best part about the Funko POP toys is, if you TRULY collect them, you want to collect them all.

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Peasant all the way!

We would like to investigate merch in the future. No ETA at the moment though.

I for one definitely wouild like a Funko Pop of Wulfgarok or The Dragon Soul on my work desk :wink:


Typo or spoiler? Inquiring minds want to know… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Spirit dragon was the internal name of The Dragon Soul… so technically typo

Fixed my post for you.


I think that makes it a behind-the-scenes DVD extra then? :slight_smile:


Khorvash would be awesome

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Aww, ajani looks so cute.