Gems of War Merch 2.0

As mentioned on stream, here is the promised merch thread!

We mentioned making merch quite a while ago, but we are revisiting the idea. As such, what kind of merch are you most interested in?

  • T-shirts
  • Mugs
  • Mouse Pads
  • Hats
  • Other (Please let us know in the comments!)

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PS, here are some of the amazing designs that @Nimhain has created!


nice finnaly i wont feel bad when i spend money on the game :slight_smile: good idea team ^^ hope you havinga great day and lots of … oh god MANA SURGE :bear:

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Edit: I would like to see what their mousepad ideas would be.

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Mana Surge t-shirt was designed by @GoldPhoenix0


I would take the mouse pad

Very nice. Only… the game logo (eg: on the first t-shirt) doesn’t match the game. :confused:

(What was the other thread Nimhain was planning to create? I’m sure I had some ideas for it.)

Belt Buckle with a design like the 4th (from above).
Luther, really? I want Jarl or a Dragon, like TDS.

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We got some interesting ideas in the following thread, too:

Well, I’d like to have a T-shirt. Or maybe a protecting cover for passport. Or a case for a tablet.

Prints for them? Well, some suggestions:

  1. Krystenax (as an “impersonation” of Krystara)
  2. Queen Xochi
  3. Dawnbringer
  4. Dragonator 8000
  5. Yao Guai

And others (I just listed a few).

Cell phone covers
Buttons (flair)


Other : Plushie versions of the pets :smiley:


my only request is that the T-Shirts are made from quality nice material instead of something cheep. you want people to wear them not push them to the back of the dresser :wink:


Oooh ooohh Coffee Cup. C;

Hmmm…wonder which shirt I would be in for…:wink:

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So these ideas never made the cut? :cry:

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i would like custom toilet paper with each of the devs faces on the sheets other than sirrian ofc…his face is too beautiful for that!

I think we have to sign our IP based off their IP over to Nim so that she will make them.
I’ll trade you 10k White Pet Food for the rights of my T shirt. :smiley: @Nimhain

Don’t forget the hoodies, everyone loves a hoodie.

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Coasters would be cool.

Swear jar with Gems logo on it.