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Officially Unofficial GoW T Shirts


We need to be able to buy GoW merch! Otherwise, we will come up with our own to wear. :wink:

If you want one. Please send your T Shirt size to @Saltypatra and eventually she’ll send you back ordering information.

Special thanks to @Davecede for doing the photoshop and bringing to life the greatest GoW Shirt ever!


:joy::joy::joy::joy: :heart:️ it!!!

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Hold on! Is this legit or a joke?
I would totally buy one of these…

But… is it… real…


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Anything can be real in 2018. With a little knowledge of copyright laws.
But no, I don’t be making nor selling these master pieces. Purely, concept art.

This gave me a good giggle. I would wear that shirt until it fell apart! (Even though it’s cheeky!)


Eika’s beard changes. :+1:

Glad to hear you like it. But you know you can’t wear a shirt that has your name on it. You are too “Rock N Roll” for that. :blush:

@awryan I think you are on to something :+1:



T Shirt memes about GoW?!?!?

I TOTALLY want both :):grin:

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Me too :slight_smile:

10 char

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I would buy both.

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@Saltypatra Isn’t Merchandising a 505 publisher job?

But there are T shirt companies out there, Sirrian sends them a graphic, and they send Sirrian $$$ everytime they make and sell a shirt with that graphic. It can do the same for coffee mugs and calendars too.

Over a dozen custom tshirt places in Melbourne google tells me…

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What am I doing wrong here?


Dark web, crypto coins only lol

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I only use the light web. :wink: