Hello everybody,

I just wanna ask if the GOW team are thinking of producing some merchandising from the game?
Because we have so many potential for t-shirt for example, with kingdom shields or characters.
i would like a t-shirt with Tina-9000 on it :'D

You can make a screenshot and take it to a T-shirt printing store, or even order one online with the picture of your choice

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Yes of course, if you like a pikachu you can also do that, but we have oficial products.

and official merchandizing it’s always more valuable and of course we help the game that we like.

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They prefer to just monetize digital purchases in game it is less cost and more simple as they do not need to involve manufacturers and deal with shipping and returns or have storage and pre produced items. I would not say it is impossible but seems unlikely they would change course.

Yes maybe you’re right, unfortunately. And the worst part is, we don’t have the full art from the characters, the left part its always uncompleted and the shields are too small to have good quality for stamping for example.

Me and Gary have some GoW bedding. I mean who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with Luther at bedtime


And I have a Wild Queen air freshener in my car (she smells of lemon sherbet)


That’s so nice :smile:

but you have the same problem right? the image is incomplete on the left side ?

this is a great image also, almost complet

This has been asked for several times over the years, the devs seemed open to the idea back in 2019 but we haven’t heard anything else about it since:

I think that’s about as uncropped as they come.

Here’s Krystenax and Luther with transparency preserved.



And their backgrounds.


Broken Spire

Hey all!

This is something I am actually really passionate about, so I thought I would jump in!

While there are a lot of ideas we have had of merchandising we would like to make, currently there is a number of reasons we cannot at this stage. The largest being it is not feasible given the global economy at the moment, more specifically huge delays in global production, shipping and general postage.

But we are always happy to hear what you would like to see us make! Beyond posters, shirts or homewares like mugs.

And should anything change in the future, where we do start producing some merchandise, there will of course be an announcement for it! :sparkles:

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Jerseys With player and guild name would be nice, I almost did them for our Finnish players last year, but then I lost concentration :joy:

Might be neat to have a bunch of gem and skull and handful of heroic gem fridge magnets to make an 8x8 with lol

A coffee mug with a superb troop on it which has lycanthropy effect, and when you fill it with hot drink it turns into some useless beast :rofl:

But to add some constructive too, maybe 505 games and I+2 should just license the intellectual property, basically the art works and logo graphics, to a 3rd party company who specializes in such merchandise.

Pin badges! Cheap and easy to store and ship

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