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Fully upgraded your Mountain Crusher or Yasmine’s Pride? How do you like it?

Anyone like or regret their fully upgraded MC or YP?

If you’ve avoided a full upgrade, why?

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Fully upgrading Mountain Crusher is nothing you would regret. While the last upgrade is borderline pointless, it is not doing anything adverse, so no harm in taking it.

No experience with YP.


+6 on Mountain Crusher is amazing
+8 on Mountain Crusher is still amazing
+9 on Mountain Crusher is nearly pointless unless you’re webbed. Woo. Explode 1 Brown Gem.

+8 on Yasmine’s Pride is fine.
+9 on Yasmine’s Pride is fine. Nothing too amazing though, unless it somehow magically screws the player over. RNG


I’ve been wanting to upgrade my +5 Mountain Crusher, just a bit nervous since it can’t be undone.

Was thinking maybe in some teams it might interfere with another storm you prefer. Or swapping storms back and forth might not be ideal for finding matches.

Definitely a possibility in very specific teams, though noone can really help you make that decision as this is entirely depending on your plans with the weapon.
We can only give in-a-vacuum-advice and as far as that goes the inbuilt storm works amazingly well with the weapons’ spell, basically guaranteeing brown matches everytime (awesome when you tank with a hero spec’ed into rock-solid), quite often also 4-matches for extraturns while producing lots of brown mana for the team and planting brown gems for the next MC spell.


Both upgraded. Both are decent in certain situations. I like other weapons better though.

The real question you should ask yourself is which one do YOU use more. Pick that one to upgrade first.

I have the ingots to upgrade both, just checking opinions. Especially if anyone thinks the upgrade ruined the weapon.

Some people who fully upgraded mang or dawnbringer are very unhappy, and they can’t go back.

Well, it’s kind of easy to figure out if it’s a “destructive” affix. Let’s analyze it.

Mountain Crusher explodes gems. Its affix explodes another gem. This is a good upgrade (even if most of the time there’s not a gem to explode). It makes MC better. There’s not a good reason to avoid a full upgrade. The storm might be a concern since you are about to pass the turn, but that’s also increasing the chances you get a free turn so who knows?

Yasmine’s Pride destroys an enemy’s armor and boosts your team’s life. Nothing in the affixes interferes with that. So exploding 3 random green gems is nothing but bonus. Some people argue “it adds randomness to a weapon that wasn’t random”. I think that’s paranoid: I’d rather explode 3 gems and get some mana than pass the turn.

Mang destroys armor and buffs attack. The affix people worry about is “create a red gem”. Again, the argument is “it adds some randomness to a weapon that was predictable”. I feel like the cases where it hurts you are rare, as are the cases where it helps you.

Dawnbringer is more of the same. It barriers your troops and does AoE damage. People are worried about “destroy a random red gem”. Again this is “I don’t like adding randomness”. I haven’t noticed a problem with it.

Where people have valid concerns is with weapons like Divine Protector. Again, let’s compare “what you want it to do” with "what the affix people don’t like does. You’ll see something interesting.

Divine Protector does damage and creates a lot of gems. That usually results in a free turn. But the +9 affix for Divine protector explodes a random created gem. Often, that gem destroys a cluster that would have resulted in a free turn. So in this case, the affect hinders the desired result from your cast.

That’s the thing you want to look out for. Read the ability and ask why you want to use that weapon. Then look over the affixes to make sure there isn’t one that breaks the effect. In general, any weapon that is “Generate X gems” and has an explode or destroy affect is dangerous.

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The duststorm is what makes the Mountain Crusher upgrade awesome though. It can often refill itself or get an extra turn cascade so that you can have a chain of casting. It isn’t 100%, of course. But, it happens a lot for me.

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Thanks everyone.

So proud of my crusher, all grown up now. And will probably complete yasmine’s pride just before the next time I use it.


I just fully upgrade them because they will eventually need to be fully upgraded anyway.
I’ve used MC a lot but recently maxed Dragon’s Eye and that imo is much better, mainly in delves.
Yasmine’s Pride I maxed for Kingdom purposes, haven’t actually used it yet. Ideas for teams with it please?

Jar of Eyes is a “maybe” and a case for “Why I wish you could turn affixes on or off.”

It’s like a different-colored Mountain Crusher, but its last affix creates an Icestorm. If your team uses a lot of blue, great! If your team doesn’t, or wants a different storm, no good! So you want this affix for certain cases, but don’t for others, and that means overall it’s a “bad” upgrade since it makes the weapon less flexible.

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There aren’t many weapons that scale with stronger and stronger enemies in raid and invasion, especially for those of us who started playing more recently. Every raid and invasion the first weapons I consider are mang and yasmine’s pride since they scale. Trickster’s shot and cursed blade also scale, but I don’t like those myself.

(If there’s a troop that scales or I’m comfortable with the godslayer/siegebreaker, then I’ll also consider mana generators like mountain crusher, or potentially any weapon really.)

I’m not adding randomness to weapons that otherwise do not touch the board, or to weapons where it might hinder the control they have. Total paranoia is total awareness!

Mountain Crusher is good. Dawnbringer, well, I’ve only put it to +5 even though I have the capacity to max it easily.


I agree with this. There’s enough RNG in the game as it is. I like ending the turn on my terms with Dawnbringer, and this “upgrade” is a one-way street away from that.

Especially since a main reason for using Dawnbringer is to get barriers - no less* point in that if they’re randomly going to get unexpected skulls. *facepalm*

More on topic, I have fully upgraded my Elemental Bow and I’m quite pleased with it.


I disagree. It is slightly worse than useless. Since the “explode an extra brown gem” effect takes place before the new gems fall in, and Mountain Crusher explodes more gems than you can possibly have on the board, it’s effect may as well be “Add 2 extra seconds to the spell’s animation, at x4 speed”

Jars of eyes is great with that final trait if paired with the right setup, it did well in my defense for me on the last guild wars :+1:

A fAWRmily member just pointed out that Mountain Crusher last upgrade has been changed. Anyone have any idea when it was?

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I think it was changed in 4.0, Sep 2019… but I can’t find anything confirming it.

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