New user asking for help

Hey guys!

I started playing GoW six days ago and I’ve been really into this game – at level 111 now.

Now, I’d like to find some nice synergies for my current team. So far, I’ve only used troops that are my best ones individually and therefore the team is:

Mountain crusher +8 / Warlord’s battlecry
Kerberos lvl 19
Pan lvl 20
Lapina explorer lvl 17

Do you guys have any suggestions for what should I replace and what do I need for my team to have better synergy? Any tips are welcome!

EDIT: Also, should I swap the order with these ones? Lapina and Kerberos have been good other way around too.

Are you in a guild, or looking for one? we could surely help… Having lvl 200 requirement ain’t a problem if someone is into the game:)

I’m in a guild with 3 active members. If you have more, I’m happy to join! :smiley:

1 Like will be your best friend for getting questions like this answered — tons of helpful people willing to help around here :slightly_smiling_face:

Also let me know if you play on Xbox — we’re always looking for dedicated players, and (I think?) terberos is a PC/Mobile player (sorry if I’m mistaken — too hard to keep track of everyone :joy:)

Found, probs same? Thank you for this one! I’m playing PC and Mobile:)

Oh, for sure! I don’t use it anymore, so I misremembered the link, sorry :sweat_smile:

Anyway — with that you can upload your collection, and then share that collection here so that veterans can see exactly what you have and create the best builds you can make right now.

Pretty nifty :grin:


That’s a reasonably solid lineup for the time being. Mountain Crusher is one of the best weapons in the game. Definitely want to get into a guild with 15-20+ people, three is really not going to cut it. Getting your full collection on GoWDB will help us have a better idea of what you could be doing differently.

You also will want to get some of the stronger hero classes ASAP, which will mean unlocking the prerequisite kingdoms. I don’t know how the map works at lower levels these days but I remember something about unlocking kingdoms in chunks … there’s got to be something for that on the forums if I can find it, but the main draws are going to be to go NORTH to get Titan and Frostmage classes from Stormheim and Glacial Peaks respectively. Worth noting the traits on those are very strong, part of the reasons to get those classes, and very expensive for low-level economy, but their early talents for leveling up are also worth getting those classes.

Broken Spire to those kingdoms.


maybe this:

Also, i’d recommend going for Plaguelord (so rushing with kingdoms quests up to Darkstone ASAP) instead of Titan/Frostmage in early game → Plaguelord doesn’t need traits to be fully operational (which might be hard to get all those arcane traitstones in early game).
And doing 250 fights with Plaguelord gives you Essence of Evil, which is like a swiss knife in early game → you can do all pet event battles with it, all dungeon battles, few early delves to get few faction troops etc.
Once you get more basic tools you can think of obtaining better classes. :wink:

Hi there @Alinhox ! :wave: We have a new player guide available on discord at my guild family’s server BDC . If you are interested in the guide, want to ask questions or in need of a guild (don’t know if you are in one ,but highly recommended getting in any atm) come chat with us ! Black Dragon Court

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Yep, that’s what I was after…

That’s a good point actually. lvl40 Plaguelord gets both the fast start and the barrier-on-brown, and that’s about the strongest combination we can field without traits. Though Stormheim is a few chunks closer than Darkstone.

Agree, but you still want to own EoE like ASAP :smiley:
Even without any mythic ingots to spend, EoE is a beast (even with Lycanthropy…).

Personal roadmap I used for my alt ->* get EoE, get Beetrix, get Emperinazara
Use orbs (if you can get any on the way) to trait both Beetrix and Emperinazara.
Overrun most pvp teams with: EoE, Beetrix, Goblin Shaman, Emperinazara :man_shrugging:
Same for dungeons/pet events. Only thing where that doesn’t work are places where there are some troops/weapon restrictions… but with such powerhouse you’re pretty much guaranted to at least farm glory and gold in pvp and evenatualy buy yourself some kingdom levels/troops from glory chests.

'* ← before i’ve got EoE, I went with: Golden Cog, Rowanne, Clockwork Sphinx, [any] team