Please give us more weapons like the Mountain Crusher

It would be very nice with having a Mountain Crusher weapon with the option of all mana colors in game, that is 6 differently weapons, include the Mountain Crusher. Exactly the same spell and mana cost, weapon type is Hammer or Axe.

Ice Hammer (Blue): Explodes Blue gems. Weapon upgrade 6 = create an Ice storm. (Glacial Peaks)
Sun Clobber (Yellow): Explodes Yellow Gems. Weapon upgrade 6 = create a Light storm. (Suncrest)
Bloodaxe (Red): Explodes Red gems. Weapon upgrade 6 = create a Fire storm. (Pridelands)
Oak Batter (Green): Explodes Green gems.Weapon upgrade 6 = create a Leaf storm (Maugrim Woods)
Axe of Khetar (Purple): Explodes Purple gems. Weapon upgrad 6 = create a Dark storm. (Khetar)

Just an example above. Kingdoms that don’t have tons of weapons got picked before others. Weapon upgrade 9 from Mountain Crusher was not mentioned as I feel it need an universal change.

I hope some of you like the suggestion!


Brown: Mountain Crusher
Blue: Glacier Eraser
Yellow: Heaven Severer
Red: Pyro Pummeler
Green: Nature Breaker
Purple: Umbra Crumbler


Nice names! :+1:

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How about Skeletal Staff? Explode skulls, create a Bonestorm


The only one I would change by adding more er’s.
Sun Clobberer


Volcano Vanquisher


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Actually Blue should be “Anu’s Crusher” and it should explode 0 gems.


One single like is not enough for your post…


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But inexplicably be unable to target blue gems?


Anus crusher? Really? That sounds so wrong.


That’s the easier joke. Its secret ability is “explode all blue gems”, but Anu hasn’t figured out how to explode blue gems yet.

Give him a “Blu Gem” and let’s see how fast he will turn into an “Anu’s Crusher”…

Great to see that people liked the suggestion. :sunny:

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I think it’s a good idea.

Much better than all the other raid or invasion weapons.

though exploders are now frustratingly slow at filling mana. I find myself gravitating away from them in favor of gem creation or gem destruction.

U are into something here. Some gem transformation weapons would be warmly welcome!

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Universal transformer weapons showed up in the spoilers a while back, no idea when they will appear in the game though.

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That’s good news. The bad news is that it might take a year or two before we see potentially new good explosion weapons as suggested here. I would not have bet on it that we will see it.