(FULL)Raider Nation is looking for members. Rank 50 GW bracket 5


My guild Raider Nation is looking for a 0 new members.
Rank 50
Guild War Bracket 5 usually 4 or 3 though

Requirements are:

1200 Seals
Gold :
100K for members below level 500
300K for members level 500 - 999
500K for members level 1000+

Must participate in Guild Events

we are pretty laid back and just want to find active players that will contribute.

comment if you are interested .


I’m interested if theres still space available?

Level 1109 and play (most) days


message sent


Not received anything, I’ve left current guild now too


check your mail here on the message board.


need you to send me your invite code


Got 3 spots open . hit me up if you want in .


we have room for one more active player


Looking for competitive guild… gw/seal/raid/task…



is that the correct invite? It says you don’t exist.


I’m the guild leader by the way, TJ handles recruitment a lot and is a lot more active on the forum than I am.


Theres correct invite code… samayong_kcjp… can u try it again ?


He’s a pc / mobile user that’s why…


Ok thanks.


Got room for 3. We moved up to rank 57 and are still in GW bracket 4.

Remember this is for PS4 . Get at me if you want in.


will have 3 open spots late tonight early tomorrow. If you want in then drop me a message with your invite code please .


We get all tasks some legendary and 40k seals every week. Any one interested can message me or TJ their invite code.


3 spots open right now.


4 spots open right now, why is it this hard to find people that aren’t freeloaders.


Not sure if I fit your requirements but i am around Lvl 386 (at work so I cant check) .
Can help with the following

Around 200,000 gold a week
I participate in all Guild Events (though cant always complete them)…being a grandad and all !!

If you want someone who plays regularly and will invest in the guild give me a shout