SPEED DEMONS Bracket 1 Recruitment Open

SPEED DEMONS bracket 1 GW pm if interested.

MinimumRequirements: 600k Gold 1,500 Seals 300 Trophies. Minimum gw score of 45k max sentinels and complete all battles. Use pure color teams and 24 unique defense troops for max score potential.


Currently looking for 2 players, just send me a message here or on PS4.

Recruitment is now closed if you are still looking to join feel free to PM me and I will get you in next available opening, thanks.

1 spot open on Sunday, easy reqs for top 10 guild

Looking for a couple new guildmates to join up on Sunday solid gw send me a pm if interested.

2 players announced a break from gems, leaving on Sunday looking to fill those spots on Sunday. We got 3rd last week in gw bracket 1 and getting stronger pm me if you are interested. Basic reqs 600k, seals, 300 tr Gw sentinel level 4 and 40k+ gw score all battles completed by Sunday.


10 char

Are there still spots open?

Yes there is

1 spot open Sunday pm me if interested

Recruitment is open pm me if interested in joining lets get you in before reset

Looking for a new member, 45k+ bracket 1 gw score range

Still looking for 1 player come help us reach top 3 in bracket 1

3 spots open. Low req for bracket 1. Great guild with lots of helpful members.

Also free hugs will be given out in community. :slightly_smiling_face:

2 spots open. Hurry now and get your free hugs while supplies last!

1 spot available. Low req and great synergy between members. Bracket 1.

Spots open tomorrow pm me if interested thanks.

weekly reqs= 600k gold, all seals, 300tr. GWs Lv4 sents, 45k.

1 spot available great opportunity here.

How are the demons of speed doing, way to go yesterday, you let us have it yet again! Tough defenses for sure!