(26/30)Raider Nation is looking for members. Rank 50 GW bracket 3

If you want to send your invite code I’ll send it when I get home.

6 spots open for ACTIVE players . The requirements are in the original post. Please have all of your kingdoms leveled and please be atleast level 500, though we will take people that feel that they can meet the requirements even if they are lower level .

3 spots left

@GeoRockStar take a look at the requirements , if it sounds like you could do that then let me know .

My psn is GeologyRockStar sorry I will look at reqs too. Also yes reqs are fine! But I do travel for work once a month.

The one weekend a month thing shouldnt be an issue .

I sent you a message. Do you happen to have spots open?

Yep we have a spot or 2 open . Thanks for the interest in joining. Will get you in ASAP.

Hello, I’m level 1240 and looking to get a spot by Sunday. Is/will there be room for me?

edit: nvm

Looking for 5 new members . Comment or message if interested.

Looks like you have trouble staying full, we are a top guild looking to merge. Psn ihavespoken2, hit me up and we can discuss options

4 openings for active players that can meet the requirements .