Four requests for Troop work

Awesome Troop management center btw. I really like how much information you have put into the cards to let folks know about traits and ascend. It takes a lot to think how to make things easy visually. (I know…30 years technology software engineering for enterprise solutions)

However, when you start having 50 or more troops, management becomes… time consuming.

First request and if it was already here, I went looking but could not find

Ability to level up to a ‘specific’ number player designates. I love the fact that it gives the option to level up one at a time and then ‘use all the souls’. But I have a system that I would like to be able to level up to a specific level for all my new EPIC or LEGEND cards as I get them.

Second request - Able to Ascension all :slight_smile: - Goodness after a nice round of chests I end up with a lot of cards to go through and ascend. I tried the wait until they have the blue indicator, but then I ended up still with the same problem - more than 10 to upgrade.

Third - filter by rarity

Last request sort within sort… For example, sort Level then rarity within the level.

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*base rarity

i would like a more powerful dokkalfar now that orbweaver is out.

i also need a base rarity sorting method, currently im not ascending units unless i have to… just to have what is left of my rarity sorting option…

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