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Hey you! Come join us.


You know you want to join us. Let us help you out.


My code is DERFLET_VYW5


Hello, I just started playing this is my first time playing this game. Iโ€™m currently only lvl 19 and looking to join a helpful guild. If you still have room Iโ€™d love to join KORLIA_5AVY

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Sent an invite! Thanks

Jerry Timblin


Come join us. You might like us.


2 spots are available for now. We are a casual guild, sometimes we even reach 40k seals on Sunday. No specific demands to players, just play and develop your kingdoms, then our guild (and donโ€™t be idle for long time).


Hello, can i join you? Iโ€™m lvl 130 and my guild is not active. sorry for my english, iโ€™m french
invite code: ALAZAAR_KX30


Iโ€™m level 1067 looking for an ACTIVE guild. The guild I started has fizzled away, as no one plays daily anymore. I play daily - I would love to join an active guild. My invite code is SIMBA_10



Invite sent


We have 2 spots open, please leave your username here in the chat, or PM me. Also, please be sure you leave your current guild.

They will actually be open about 24 hours from now, just notifying you a little early.


Our two spots are open. If you are looking for an active casual guild, leave a message in this thread.


We have two spots open now, please leave a message in here and we will get you added. The only requirement we have is that you play fairly regularly.
When you reply with your invite code, be sure you have left your current guild. We canโ€™t add you to ours until you have left the one youโ€™re in.


Spots taken!


Hi! Two players (LVL 50, and 965) are looking for a good Guild with vacancies. Our invitation codes are CYGNUS_9P8N and RIOXEL.


Sorry, the guild is full for now. All players are active.


We have one spot open in our very active guild. Leave your invite code (donโ€™t forget to quit your current guild), or PM it to me, and we will add you.
We donโ€™t have any requirements, other than staying active.


One spot is open now. Our guild is casual, just play often (or warn if you plan to stay idle for 1-2 weeks). The last week we reached 40k seals, and we complete almost all guild tasks usually at Friday-Sunday.


Okay, thanks all, the guild is full for now.


2 spots are open now. Come join our casual guild! No special requirements except regular playing. Start the new week with the new kingdom and a new guild!