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Forever Noob - A Casual, but Very Active Guild - Recruiting - Come Join Us!

We’re a casual guild on PC/Mobile looking for some new people to join us.

Come join us, and help us achieve, while we help you.

Collecting your guild seals is all we really ask, but gold and trophies help us out as well.

We would also like you to participate in the weekly guild missions (raid/gw/invasion), but it’s not required.

Rank - 499
Level - 328
20k seals weekly, and get 40k every month or two.
We regularly complete 3 guild tasks, and sometimes more.

No kicks, unless you don’t participate at all.

Leave your invite code below, or send a PM, and I’ll get you added.

Thanks, Jerry

Hi, we are a guild at rank 114 called Anemoessa. We currently are 9 people short and some more will probably go next week.
I was wondering if you are open into a possible merge.

We are bringing our guild back to life.
We have a new guild master (me), and I’m doing whatever I can to make it great again.
We just want to have fun, and help each other out.

Fair enough. I hope everything goes as planned. If for any reason you feel like contact me please do in the future. All the best.

Come play with us, and get cool rewards.

Come join us.

Hi, are you still recruiting? I’m a new player, only level 31 and still levelling up my kingdoms but I’m playing most days and am willing to contribute what I can.

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Hey! Come quest with us.

Come play with us.

Hang out with us.

Come join us in our glorious pursuits!

Come join us!

Join us in our pursuits.

Come join us!

Come join us!

i’m looking for an active guild. i play daily and invest 250k in my solo guild, GW every day, plenty of trophies. if you’re still looking i can probably add a lot to your guild. my invite code is oneone.

Says you’re in a guild. You have to leave it before I can add you.

sorry about that, you should be able to invite me now. thanks!

Hello, I would like to join can you please invite me.

ELOY_N3V4 , thanks!