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Have a life, love to play? Join our awesome casual guild "Snoink" (27/30)

Hi all!

Great guild of amazing and active players looking for like-minded players to keep us company.
We welcome all levels and love helping each other out/completing tasks. We’re hitting 10K on seals but would like to hit 20K :wink: We have an active Facebook group where you can lurk or participate, as fits your preference.

If you are looking for an active but casual guild, someone to discuss builds and mechanics with and are ready to be an active participant without any requirements to pressure you. We may be the right fit!

We welcome both lower levels, wanting a good place to start off, or maybe a veteran wanting to hang out and lending us a hand!

Send me a PM if interested :slight_smile:
We’re looking forward to hang out with you.

Do you still have openings?

Also wanted to add that we have an active facebook group for sharing tips/info.
Our guild statues are about level 40, which gives a very nice bonus to starting players.
We also complete 7 tasks on the ones with keys, and 4-5 on the rest.

We also do guild wars on a voluntarily basis.

Hello, I cannot DM you (probably due to the fact I just have made an account here) but I am returning player and would love to join guild like yours.
Here’s my code WHITEWOLF_7

Hi Kolia,

Welcome aboard :slight_smile: Please send me a DM here when you’ve got your account up and working, so I can invite you to our FB group for sharing tips, stories and whatnot!

Still looking for a few more players to join our merry band :slight_smile:

My husband and I are interested. How many guild seals do you guys get per week, and are you still looking for people?

Hi there, we’re definitely looking for some more members!

Last week 6 people got around 7800 guildseals. A 7th is joining today so we’re hoping to get to 10K soon.

Our ranks are rising and we’re seeing very nice gains. Please do keep applying. We take every application seriously :slight_smile:

We’ve had some amazing people join, got a great community going now. Still hoping to find a few more who shares our outlook on the game and want to hang out with us :slight_smile:

Hi there! :slight_smile:

Returning lvl90 player, playing almost daily since my return

Still any openings? Would love to join :slight_smile:

Hi Stubborn, DM me your invite_code :slight_smile:
Also let me know how to invite you into our lovely FB group!

We’ve grown to 8 great players, and hoping a few more with similar outlooks think it will be cool to hang out with us :slight_smile:

We have an active Facebook group, sharing tips and tricks and teams! And everyone’s actively contributing to tasks!

The Guild is really flourishing, it’s not too late to join - join join :slight_smile:

Awesome guild still looking for awesome players :smile:

New player but I’m active, I would love to join. It won’t let me DM, but my code is DONGGGGS_CW9D

Awesome! Welcome to our guild :slight_smile:

So we’re forging on with great numbers, and we hope that YOU would like to be part of that journey!

Guild sounds great and I would be interested in joining. Are you still recruiting?

We’re still recruiting! Shoot me a PM if you have any questions?