For Whom the Knell Tolls

So I was playing around with loop teams and was looking for some imput on this little “open loop/win same turn” team.

Let me know what you think.

“For Whom the Knell Tolls”

Red/Yellow Banner

Treant (3)
Alchemist (2)
Hellcat (x)
Hero (Death Knell)(3)(Sorcerer/Archer)(+2 magic)

Alchemist fills in 2 matches, deals damage and fills Alchemist with excess going to Death Knell which deals damage and takes another turn, opens loop that goes until victory… Very simple, class is based on wether you want your 1st cast to go faster or want increased damage, have fun,



Nice team, you forgot necromancer class for souls with the looping of hellcat and alchemist.

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very nice looper. I run into board lock where you have to use red or yellow to keep the turn going but very nice otherwise. I was using sorcerer class so knell gets stronger if you have a couple turns to get things going. :thumbsup:

Have been using a similar team when I was searching for an alternative to Valk soul farming.

The base deck was
Alchemist **
Death Knell (necro ***)

Tried different tank troops, but never liked them (Treant***, Emperor** etc) They brought nothing to the table except for the damage absorption (when it comes to looping). Once fully traited, Emperor may be an option for the stuns).

I more or less like Jarl the most in the first slot. Sure he can misfire now and then. But he certainly enhances the Red/Yellow loop.
Went 9-1 in a short PVP test, only losing to a double Jarl/sheggra team after a few misfires. But also a glorious win after alchemist was true damaged to death before i got the loop going. Hellcat and Jarl kept feeding each other.

I like treant in slot 1 cause in addition to damage absorption he doesn’t share any colors with any other troop, this serves 2 purposes

1: he doesn’t mana block, and,
2: bad cascades into skulls against frozen soul won’t stop the combo

I have been using the same team too.

I use Aziris in first spot as he fills cheaply and can keep the turn easily with the single skull he creates. Also adds another 1pt of damage to Death Knell, through Magic Spirit. He also gives small 2+ armour though Lord of Bones (2 Khetar troops).

Matches actually finish pretty quickly too. great against impervious teams, though a bad starting board can hurt. But this is the case whatever you field.

An enjoyable team to play.