Flawless victory

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Where to begin?
With a list :slightly_smiling:

1 Add a button to show the rewards for revenge like buttons for the arena and the week event, thsi button should show the battles remain to reach the rewards

2 if don’t suffer any damage/no hit during the battle in PVP at the end Doubble the rewards, this to demostrate your skills during battle, It’s not easy like it seems

3 Add some bonus/benefit like mastery/gold/special rewards for your rank in the guild. A guild master could say if you want that bonus you have to donate x-gold per week or

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Flawless victory!


I’ve thought for a while now that a flawless victory should come with extra rewards, even if it’s not as lucrative as double. Maybe a random extra reward, similar to what a key gives you in terms of souls or gems or gold. That way it’s not a reliable thing to farm, but it’s still a fun extra bonus.

A single event key for being non-hurt?

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I say double rewards but it would be fine any kind of extra rewards, a key or randomly double only a kind of rewards, not all

Nah, Hydra strategy relies on getting hit a couple of times :stuck_out_tongue:

Has the added bonus of when the AI is left a 3 skull match, it’s not gaining mana !


But if you are lucky even with hydra you could make a flawless victory, and it’s much more gloriuos then with other team :slightly_smiling:
So why don’t you want a rewards?

He didn’t say he doesn’t want rewards nor did he say Hydra can’t have a flawless victory, he jus points out that having such rewards would lessen the value of Hydra as the most obvious tactic to play with Hydra is to get hurt so that it would do more damage :slight_smile:

As for me, I AM against this flawless victory thing.

I think the Agile trait is an even better example than Hydra of how it could flow the design of our teams and add value to the Agile trait as it will allow you to have more of these “flawless victory”.

Besides, a flawless victory doesn’t even mean skilled victory, as a matter of fact, I often let myself wide open, leaving skulls on purpose so that the AI would choose the skulls, leaving me with a free 5 gem match that could open way more possibilities to my team. In my opinion, it’s more skilled to do so since it requires you to predict what will happen. It’s also a risk since the ennemy could get a lucky extra turn from the gems you couldn’t predict, thus voiding your plans and punishing you for taking the risk.

Well, I’m not completely against it, who says no to more free rewards? But let’s not leave that at “if I take no damage, it’s a flawless victory”.


Sometimes this strategy is the best way to handle a particular match. Sometimes, Gem luck is present immediately and you can win in 1-2 moves without sustaining damage.

A flawless victory should have some kind of reward, it’s rare enough and has been an accomplishment in gaming for decades.

Well, I guess I’d rather play a “let’s do some flawless victories” than a “let’s spam Valkyrie’s spell” deck.
Actually, I’d have just the right deck for that…

I’d rather grant bonus for photo-finish victory (or even defeat).

For that “flowless” it’s enough to fish out the easy battles. Do you really deserve more when you defeat a single war axe?


Why not both bonuses? Why not a host off interesting bonuses?

Those aren’t the situations we are talking about.

Earlier today I defeated, flawlessly;

Gloom Leaf


Gloom Leaf
Deep Borer
Keeper of Souls

Flawless could be “no damage taken and no enemy spells fired”.

Interesting debate and one that’s been covered before… We’ve suggested minor prizes (and call out voices etc) for things like:

  • fast win (under 10 turns?)
  • ohkos
  • multi kos in a turn
  • flawless (no damage)
  • first damage or first kill
  • last gasp win (one troop left etc)
    Etc etc

Nice ideas but really these would be for fun and very minor reward, else screw the meta with everyone prioritising getting these… Ohkos would mean we all run bone dragon or equivalent etc even more than bloody everyone already runs the bloody things…

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Care to clarify then? Upstream flawless was defined just by not taking dmg – nothing said about opponent being tough or even present. (Actually even the scope is unclear, should it apply to quest, ***** challenges, * challenges?)

IMO more rewards for actually tough battles is interesting. So is for kind of smart play or team building. But just applied to anything including trivial pushovers or nothing but pure luck is step in the wrong direction. (And a good algo to tell “tough” would be far from easy to find…)

Also pushing people toward a few specific teams would be BAD. Aren’t we in a deep enough hole already with stats and attack through the roof making over 90% of the game infeasible?

You are so right there. Too many players are trying to get more revenge attacks by simply not having a defensive team. Although I am not sure how well this works as a filler for your revenge battles as I am not one of those players. But right nonetheless, why give more opportunities/rewards to those that go looking for players with little or no defence. I say remove the ability to scout/see your opponents team

I would say, rather, to avoid the situation where rewards are given for a flawless victory against a minimal defense, that there must be a condition of a full defense team. That way, you have actually earned a bit of a reward instead of getting a lucky skull drop on the first turn against a single, low level enemy. I would rather like to keep the scouting, as it is helpful to avoid a tedious battle with yet another currently-popular-in-the-meta team. Cause, you know, sometimes I get tired of fighting goblins or dragons…

Recently I’ve been reminiscing for dragons… still see plenty of goblins out there, but at my level it’s just true shot and skeletons most of the time…

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If the consoles are lucky, we will never see the utter crap that all those bonuses and True Shot started.