Casual pvp change

Can the devs make the casual pvp formula more varied so that players can see more team score spread in the match-ups please. It does not have to be by much, maybe at least 2000 spread or 3000 spread team points. If i beg can i fight a team that is worth like 50 points and an other that is 10k please?

can we get casual pvp removed, and instead make a slot machine for runic traitstones? :slight_smile:

NO I WANT MY GLORY!! however i think this post is a poor tasting joke.

you can get 9 glory from a revenge/rival hard opponent… pretty nice

I have to agree with @Justakid. Casual PVP is just senseless ATM.

@killerman3333 Go to Ranked mode, ignore all the ranks and tiers there and you have basically Casual Mode with better rewards. That’s even for us competition haters something to consider.


Now, there’s an Underdog statement! Down with Goliath!

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I was thinking for the combo breaker to have a place where i could effect the rewards with difficulty.


id totally do 10k per pull at a chance for minors/runics/arcanes/epics/legends/mythics

Stick that machine in adana and have it run by spark grinder as his new invention.