Make Casual PVP Casual

Feature Request:
Please provide “casual” opponents in Casual PVP. Too many unbeatable opponents are showing up in the left slot.
I only use casual mode to grind for class leveling (not as boring as Explore) and to get a rare, occasional pet rescue, anyway.



Sounds like a perfect niche for it, like a training mode!!


I would be for this if they didn’t ruin everything they try to improve.


While I agree this would be nice, they’d likely have to adjust either the gold and/or the class xp to offset the massive amount of farming it would bring to that mode. Not to mention removing or greatly reducing pet gnomes for it. Which feels like it defeat the purpose.

But how else would you make it more casual other than reducing the stats of of the team rather than increasing it like it is now? It’s still based on defenses people set so you’re still relying on people not setting miserable defenses.


Just change who’s being added to your casual pool :man_shrugging:

If I wanted to play Casual, it would be because I wanted to beat up on level 100-500 accounts, not face accounts that are just 100-500 levels lower than I am (because those 100 levels basically make no difference after awhile, and to true endgame 1500 people [I am not that], I’ll bet even a gap of 500 levels doesn’t mean that much).


I would be happy if the game just stopped showing me unbeatable opponents at the left side of the selector. Normally, we simply adjust our offense selection based on the opponent. In Casual, I am testing a new team and would like to see how it works.

I already know I will lose against Goblin/Turnip and Orbweaver/Life-Death teams, for example. So why are those and similar opponents appearing at the left side in “casual mode”?


It could be fun if defences with low win ratios showed up more prominently in Casual PvP, particularly on the left hand side.

Conversely, the opposite of this could be used for Ranked, with more difficult defences attracting higher rewards (i.e. a combination of team score and win ratio, rather than just team score).

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