Change to PVP Scoring ❤

Ahoy, adventurers! We have some exciting new for you all…

We are releasing a change to the PVP scoring algorithm, which will largely benefit end game players!

Unfortunately, PVP victory points have been a bit low for our end gamers, due to the fact that our team scores don’t follow a linear scale of difficulty. Eg, a 12,000 versus 11,000 fight is harder than an 8,000 vs 7,000 fight.

To combat this, we have modified the scoring system to more accurately reflect the difficulty faced when fighting teams with a higher score! As players start to pull team scores above 10,000, their fights against similar scoring end-game players will begin to earn slightly more points. Once this releases we will be monitoring it closely in case we need to make any further tweaks or changes.

And when will it be (hopefully) releasing, you ask? … At our next weekly reset!!!


very cool. im sure many people will be very pleased with this depending on how its actually implemented

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Lets hope it fixes the complaints for the time being :smiley:

Look forward to how it will impact us, hopefully in a positive way

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Oh. ok. Almost thought it said daily reset

Good news! Has any consideration been given to matchmaking?

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I wanted to give you all as much notice as I could, instead of just announcing it the day of.

This change only concerns PVP scoring, and is not an overhaul that will affect any other parts of PVP. Please keep this in mind. :slight_smile:


After complaining about this for months I’m happy.

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What if you’re like me and literally nobody has a higher score?

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Reserving all comments on the matter until I see the numbers.


@Fleg it’s lonely at the top.

(Jokes aside, this change is for players like you.)

@Shimrra I like that you made a comment to excplicitly tell us that you’re reserving your comments instead of not posting anything at all. Nice.


I think one person has a higher level than you?

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I’m pretty shure Salty will get nailed against the next wall from all that are not pleased with it.

Humble brag :grin:


I’m excited about both of these things! The timing of announcements has always been really frustrating.

I think this was kind of Shimrra’s sentiment. We don’t know how it’s changing, and it could certainly get worse. There have been a lot of instances where the devs got us to cheer they were doing something, but they hid the “…but to increase this number, we have to decrease that number” discussion until it was already here.

That ties back to my timing comment and we’re still not there. We know to expect “something” but not what form it will take. If we knew that form… well we’d still bicker, but it’d feel better to know if this was a “give and take” change or purely an adjustment to PvP scores.

Since I’m interested in PvP fairness, I’m prepared to find out “everyone gets less PvP points now but the range is more flat”. The main thing that ticks me off is not “I have to fight 40 PvP matches to hit Rank 1” so much as “other people get to do it in 23 matches and I don’t have a way to do that”. I’d rather us both do 23, but if we both do 40 at least it’s still fair.

The only way I’d be angry is if it sorts out that endgamers still get significantly fewer points/rewards. That’d be a real strong indicator of “not listening at all”.


Display it with pride :laughing:


There’s rumors that this ship is on his way to australia :ship:


:crossed_fingers:Fingers crossed this will reduce the large discrepancies we have now in PVP.

Put me in the “cautiously optimistic” camp.

Exactly this. If it now takes everyone roughly the same number of 1/2/3-trophy battles to earn roughly the same number of points/hit Tier 1, I’ll be happy. Sure, I’d rather it go back to only requiring 27, but if 35 3-trophy wins is the new normal for everyone I’ll take it.

Also, this. This is why I (and others, though some have stated it more bluntly than I) are holding off on getting too swept up by hype at the announcement. History shows that rarely is anything given without also something being taken, so I think the sentiment is understandable.

In spite of that, I am still optimistic. Very optimistic, actually. This is one of the first announcements in a LONG time that has managed to get a knee-jerk “holy crap!” response from me and get me excited about an upcoming change. I’ll still stand by the term “cautiously optimistic” overall though, because I really, really don’t want this silver cloud to have a dark lining.


This 11,000ish team score player appreciates the change. I’m tired of seeing +10 / -15 loss matchups against meta teams in the “easy slot.” I’ve just been taking my chances on the +70 / -3 matchups against way stronger opponents and winning when I can.

You’re… actually in the “good” spot.

The reason we’re mad is this 11,000ish team score player, when facing exactly the same teams as you, will only get about +43 / -3 from that “hard” slot because in the grand scheme there are no players left who are “way stronger” than I am.

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