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Some suggestions for the game

I am an old player. This game is fun and conscientious, but there are many problems that have puzzled me.
Firstly, the enhancement of weapons.Create a gem,destroy a gem make the weapons weaker as it has chance make your enemies 4 or 5 gem matches. Risks more bigger than rewards.This is very fatal in guild war.besides,enhance weapons only increase little attacks,lives or defenses which has no significances actually.I advise a random positive status effect on a random ally or a random status effect on a random enemy.This will not destroy the game’s balance and make the game more funny.
Secondly,the balance of the divines.You can see too many divine troops in PVP.This make many other troops has lost their meaning against to divines.The weapoon “Divine Protector” make the divines can kill enemys in one or two return in most of times.Ubastet can kill the other enemy when one enemy dies and can be cast more than once.Because of this,I have lost much fun in the game.I advise to balance it strongly!


i dont agree your argument about divine,they’re not OP now. A lot team can defeat them.

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Yet if you go through the top 100 (at least on xbox one), the majority of them hover around a 50% win rate. In most AI driven pvp games, 30% is considered phenomenal.

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completely agree with the first part, some functions related to gems dramatically increase the risk of weapons.

Regarding the second part, I think that although some may say otherwise, the divine are reducing freedom of choice for the attack teams, also it is very disgusting to see the three options in pvp are divine divine and divine. yes, it’s a very rare case but it happened.

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i think peoples set divine defense team is their freedom. you fear them just your problem,most of end players in the game and devs wont think divine defence team is A trouble in the game.

Actually, I’m not saying that you can’t play without an ubastet or without a “divine protector”. I’m playing very well now, but a lot of the fun of the game is lost.
When cards are missing a lot, the fun is what new cards I have today, progress and expectations. But for players with a similar set of cards, pulling out new cards is
not as exciting as it was at first, but for players with almost all cards, the fun is exhausted by the unblance in the game. I have mentioned more than once about the
power of the divines.I have been suppressed by it for a long time.No matter what the result is, I tried my best. By early September, the problem had not improved,
and I have to say goodbye to the game.

Yeah, I agree. The 1st issue is that fully upgraded weapon may worthless. Some extra bonus from +6, +9 are totally pointless and negative. The 2nd one is that Divine protector made me sick… I would say this weapon are op when it is applied in a divine time. up to 24 gems create bonus and 51 damage is crazy!!! That makes it not only a good dps but also a super engine to charge Infernus and Ubastet with full mana in one shot. It is disgusting to me indeed. Even though there is a tons of team that have a chance to defeat divine team, but no team win rate can compete with divine team (with divine protector)!

Are you showing off your VIP level here, guys?im not A VIP player,i dont think VIP player can effect devs’s decision. just like divine protector,i known many new player want to get it by spend money. but The reality is that Devs dont do that,because GOW isn’t A p2w game.,Money can’t buy them all.

wait, calm down friend.

if there are no VIPs, the server will be already closed.

the possibility of buying the weapons of recent events does not make the game go from f2p to p2w, because we, players who started before, had the chance to get them.

on the contrary, this choice makes only the new players a chance to be at our same departures in the next events, boss, tower or even gw.

Would you perhaps provide us of some team builds that consistently beat the Divine meta team we all face in PVP?

I myself use this team. Just in case there is any confusion as to which team I’m referring to I’ll list it;
Dragon Banner
+9 Divine Protector ***
Infernus ***
Ubastet ***
Divine Ishbaala ***
Priest Class

It is /the/ best team right now and also one of the hardest to beat when not using the same team against it.
Granted, it isn’t as frustrating as FT/Nyx/DB/Mab used to be, still.

Divine’s themselves may not be OP per individual troop. I’d agree with you if that was your point.
However, the Divine troop type being given to some troops who in my opinion and that of others also, do not warrant it is what makes broken and overpowered combinations possible.
Infernus and Ubastet being two troops that I personally don’t see anything remotely “divine” about. Elemental and Raksha, certainly. Divine? Not so much.

The devs need to stop being lazy with their assignment of categories…