Flame Troll arcane issue

This may have been stated already but at a quick glance didn’t see it.

Anyhow, on ps4, flame troll costs blue/purple arcane to cast, also gives blue/purple arcane when you purchase him, but when you go to upgrade him costs purple/yellow arcanes. Has to be an error.

Anyhow, if/when this is corrected, will there be a refund on the purple/yellow arcanes? I purchased the second upgrade before realizing it was requiring the incorrect stones and now I’m out this 8 stones which is a bummer especially since I can’t buy them back at the store. Wanted to use the blue/purple arcanes lime it should have.


But it sounded from the wording that the fix was being deployed, and yet it doesn’t seem to have taken effect. @Ozball?

Yeah it’s definitely not out yet ad it happened to me about 10 minutes before my initial post.

My question is still though: are we going to be refunded our arcane plains? That’s a decent amount of grinding time in explore to get and get those back…

There were some issues with the initial fix going out. However, we’ve dealt with this and a fix for the troll should be out soon.

If people have traited them with Plains, they can submit a ticket to support to get it sorted out.

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Wouldn’t it be easier to put Flame Troll up for refund? I imagine it would reduce the number of tickets.

If they put it up for refund after they fix the trait costs, I imagine it’d refund Spirits.

This should be fixed now, and yeah, as @Lyya mentioned, putting it up for refund would refund the currently used stones, so Spirits after the fix.


Thank you, both