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Zuul refund wrong

why am i not surprised ? of course refund is not complete ! i got 16+21 arcanes where it should have been 21+21. so instead of showing a minimum of generosity they cheat on us again. WHO’S FAULT HAS THIS ALL BEEN ?? thx for nothing


Don’t forget how if we were using zuul we keep getting unknown error at end of battle. So I reboot and same thing.

seems to be up in gw - so why a refund at all?

bc they removed it from my troops ???

but if you are still using it and its working… then you want your stuff back and to use it for nothing…

I am not using it and i CANT USE IT BC I DONT OWN IT ANY MORE; so hard to understand ?

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They also only gave 10 Celestial Traitstones (the price of crafting) and not the 4 Celestial Traitstones as part of traiting it. (so 10 back instead of 14)


I used all my shards to get diamonds for Zuul. I want my shards back, so I can use them to something else than diamonds if I wish.

Also when I got Zuul, I used all my 20 Major Orbs of Ascensions. Can I please have them back since now I need them for Zuul.

Devs, you are robbers!

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Please contact our support so we can help you as quickly as we can.

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was the same refund sent to everyone that crafted Zuul’Goth? then everyone should be missing the same things we are?

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well if i’m facing a free working goth in gw i want my sentinel donations back because i was told this wasn’t going to happen.

should i be putting in a ticket as well Salty?

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Yes it was. I want my orbs of wisdom back too, these arcanes are useless to me when I’ve now crafted Ketras

16 spirit and 10 celestial here too. Do I really have to put in a ticket? Pita. Obviously everyone got shortchanged, can’t they just send the 5 spirits and 4 celestials to everyone? @Saltypatra Most people won’t notice the lesser refund or couldn’t be bothered with a ticket.


I’m surprised how many ppl went for it and are now upset with the devs.

If something looks to good to be true then it must be.

Don’t always take the bait until you know it’s not connected to a trap.


“I exploited an obvious bug and now I’m inconvenienced by the consequences of my actions.”

Seriously. Something always goes wrong when you hop on the bandwagon and do something that’s clearly wrong. IMO you’re lucky the devs are refunding anything at all.


If you had to decide between “the dog ate part of the Zuul recipe without us noticing” and “we listened to player feedback and made Zuul easier to obtain”, which one would you consider more likely?

If you had to decide between “this item doesn’t have a price tag, that’s sloppy” and “this item must be free” which would you consider “a dad joke that employees hate” and which would you consider “the likely story”?

And actually I did see it and consider it a bug, because “we decided to make Zuul easier to obtain” will never happen. Ever. It’s the carrot that makes gamblers spend money on the Raid/Invasion loserboards.


Except that the price tag was there, in all it’s glory, it was just discounted by the eight orbs the community was so eager to complain about.

Considering that it took conscious effort to change the price tag to the discounted one, would care to venture a guess how this could possibly have come to happen? I mean, isn’t it very reasonable to assume that if somebody modifies a price tag that doesn’t ever need any maintenance at all, this can’t have been anything but intentional?

I don’t think that would have changed the crafting cost, the recipe appears to be static.

If he was added into the rotation of “regular” mythics, just as any new release mythic, i think that would be exactly the case. It’s like when xathenos was added to LTs as a “regular” mythic. I think this is the likeliest scenario.