Flame Troll mana colors and traitstones

Incredible adventures of mana colors

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If you spent Plains but wanted to spend Spirits, submit a Support ticket.

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Sure hope they’re working on this asap.

@Cyrup @Ozball Please Fix

I have enough of each that it doesn’t matter to me - but I was going to come report on this silliness :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi all - the issue with the incorrect of Flame Bombs being received per pack of Glory Rewards should now be resolved. We have a fix ready for the Flame Troll problem we’ll get back to you when it’s live.

your face, when “50 seals from daily GW win for newcomers” fixed faster, than totally stupid bug with traitstones

Both issues should now be fixed in that they are no longer occurring.

Please contact support if you’ve had this issue so we can sort you out.