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Arcane stones in Dragon's Claw Bundle

Is there a reason that the arcane stones that come in this week’s legendary bundle are Arcane Beast instead of Arcane Dark? The Dragon Soul uses Arcane Dark and I thought that the arcane stones that came with the bundle usually matched the stones that the legendary troop in the bundle needed. Or am I just really confused and they’ve always been different? Arcane Beast isn’t even the traitstone for the kingdom so it just doesn’t make any sense to me.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure every other $50 legendary pack came with 10 of the traitstones you actually need to use to trait it. Nothing in the kingdom even uses Beast, so that doesn’t make much sense. Probably an error, but the question is when (or if it can be) fixed.

Likely a programming error. Tagging @Sirrian.

The bigger question for me is who is paying 50 bucks on a legendary that doesnt even come with enough materials to trait them.

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Well…someone who doesn’t have any luck with chests and buys it in a hurry only to find out afterwards that the traitstones don’t match :frowning:

You did? I think you should get to keep the incorre t stones and be given the proper ones… and a steak dinner.

Sounds lovely :smiley:

Make sure you open a support ticket.

This happened to me very early on, and they got it all fixed up. I had managed to not buy the bundle and ask before hand, but was told that if I already purchased the bundle they’d get it fixed quickly.

It does seem like they need the support ticket to get you fixed though.

edit: Oops, perhaps the wrong person I responded to. @Chemerfian

I thought about opening a ticket (because I did the same as @Kayenne and didn’t realize the stones didn’t match until after purchase) but decided I’d post here first to make sure it really was an error and not just me being confused. I see that it’s now been corrected so I’ll submit my support ticket and see what they say.

Thanks for the input guys!

Update: I sent in my support ticket and got my Arcane Dark stones in my in game mail within 30 minutes. Support on this game always rocks!


I had also sent in a support ticket and woke up to my lovely red/purple traitstones :smiley: Thanks!