Fixing Restricted Troops

This has been mentioned in various other threads, but I thought I’d make a thread solely focusing on it.

When troops are restricted (by color, kingdom, etc) in events, there are often not many troops to choose from and team synergy can be difficult to create. The largest issue, however, is for new players who don’t have access to all of the already heavily-restricted troops and weapons. Events become incredibly difficult for them.

There are two primary solutions to this issue.

  1. Allow all weapons in all events. While still restricting troops, allowing all weapons would provide new players a way to beat events with various weapons such as Mang that allow them to perform much better and open a wide range of team options.

  2. Allow all troops, but give a disincentive to using troops outside the restriction. This would function similar to GW, where you can use any troop, but using ones of the color of the day gives you extra points. This would allow new players to use their best troops when events get too hard for them to use their limited supply of restricted troops.


If nothing else, always allow Mountain Crusher to be used. Kidding aside, I think OP’s point about new players finding it difficult to craft teams is quite valid and I second it.


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Haha, sure. I mentioned MC keeping new players in mind.

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Let me ask the obvious question: If you allow players to use troops/weapons outside of the restrictions, how heavily are you going to penalize them?

If you make the penalty relatively small, the restrictions become virtually meaningless. If you make the penalty relatively large, the players you’re trying to help still can’t contribute much to their guild’s scores.

So where’s the “happy medium”?

And, personally? I’d lean towards “allow troops outside the restrictions” but leaving the weapons restrictions intact. Because it’s my opinion that Heroes are already immensely powerful and versatile and my inclination would be to keep the shackles on them as a tool to try and balance them against everything else. Well, that and not having to hear complaints about certain weapons being unavailable to a lot of newer players because they show up twice a year in the Soulforge. At best.