Why are these Holiday events hero weapon color restricted?

Makes no sense, Holidays is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not a stupid obstacle. Let people use the weapons that they goddamn want to use. It is bad enough that the troops themselves is restricted.

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devs invented holiday events for people who don’t like GW :joy:

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The holiday is making you by stuff for others enjoyment (devs).

Personally I think you got the question backwards: why are Hero weapons often exempt from troop requirements in other game modes (notably Delves) ?

I bet that if the required color was Yellow then you wouldn’t wait two seconds to put a Bard Hero on the team…

Because there is a gem shop in the event, same as all others?

Restricting weapons/troops may cause a lot of lower level players to spend more gems when they lose battles. This is how the ‘economy’ works :smile: