[Fixed] Underspire reset


Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Entered Underspire and it was reset. No rooms explored. My progress gone.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Appeared after todays update

Steps to make it happen again
I believe similar problems appeared on other plattforms, how come it isn´t fixed? I want diamonds/torches refunded or progress re-appearing as it was left yesterday.


Hello, :slight_smile:

Thank you for the report.

The development team were made aware of this issue very quickly at the time and have since rolled out fixes for it.

Please ensure you have closed Gems of War completely before reopening the game to ensure you have the fix!

Thank you for your understanding :slight_smile:

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Didn’t work for me. My Monday (i.e. yesterday) went like this:

  • Spent the 7 free torches on Vulpacea’s Underspire and cleared 7 rooms.
  • Some time later in the afternoon, the 7.2 update downloaded.
  • Afterwards, the same Underspire shows “1 Rooms Cleared / 0 torches” (should be either “8 rooms” or “7 torches” – +1 room being the entrance itself)


  • Underspire shows “1 Room Cleared / 7 torches” (should be either 8 rooms / 7 torches or 1 room / 14 torches - that first room being the entrance)

It’s not a terribly big deal for me, but it is certainly annoying.

Aside: I’ve frequently encountered crashes when keeping the game on suspend mode through a daily/weekly reset (usually to the specific tune of: suspend game + hit the Power button to put the system in Sleep mode, then after the daily reset happens, wake the Switch from sleep mode, return to the game from suspend, and the game crashes upon trying to sync with the server), so I am already in a habit of shutting the game off at end of day and restarting it from scratch the next.


Me too, just rebooted the game again a minute ago, still being cheated out of the 3 torches I spent on Monday.

Hi Bramble. Its now wednesday and in underspire I have 1 cleared room and 14 torches. I still miss the 7 torches from monday, and the gems I used to buy additional torches. You might have fixed the bug but there has been no compensation!


Compensation will be going out with weekly reset and will include 2 Lanterns, 15 Torches and 50 Gems.

Thanks for your patience everyone while we worked on getting that comp out.