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[Fixed] Invasion Weapon Not Showing Up After Buying

Nintendo Switch

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
To have the weapon I bought be in my inventory. It should be Orpheus’ Verse but that’s not showing up either.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Bug that seems to be affecting all Switch players

Steps to make it happen again
Buy the weapon?

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have you tried reloading the game?

on mobile it’s a known issue - if new troops/weapon are released on the current week, and you were already logged in before game recalculated, then you wont see troops/weapons, neither in inventory or in teams posted by other players

reloading game helps with the issue

Not only is it not showing up, even after restarting the game, it’s completely the wrong weapon. Reflection of Good is the Archmagus class weapon, not the human event weapon.

Yes, tried it a few times as have some others. As far as I know no one has gotten the weapon.

Wait, there’s something very wrong there. Reflection of Good is the Archmagus class weapon, it definitely shouldn’t be in Invasion shop tiers.

@Kafka @Saltypatra To the rescue, please. This looks like some database juggling might be required.

I mean I wouldn’t mind the weapon. I did “buy” it :laughing:

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Looks like the Invasion shop and Soulforge updated to have the correct weapon.
Bad news: If you already bought that bugged shop tier previously, you still have no weapon. :frowning:

Hey folks, thanks for letting us know about this we fixed it as quickly as we could. Further details here:

Basically anyone who purchased Reflection of Good will get the correct Weapon sent to them, if you upgraded Reflection of Good you’ll also receive an Ingot refund in your mail soon (hopefully tomorrow as it’s almost 7pm here right now).

You won’t need to contact support.

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Thanks Kafka. I didn’t get Orpheus’ Verse in the mail, but it did appear in my inventory after I restarted.

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