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(Fixed in 4.2) Pet filter is replaced by troop filter

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Somehow troop filter is also active on the Pet page and the pet filter is gone. Can’t filter for e.g. pet type. This changed just some days ago (and some days earlier at my GF). Seems to be persistent in my (and her) account, even changing from PC to phone did not bring it back. I guess it has something to do with the new “Save Filter”-Option.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This happened once and is now persistent

Steps to make it happen again
No idea :frowning:

Hey @ValdarX I’m sorry this is happening :open_mouth:

Can you please try reinstalling and let me know if this fixes it? Please ensure your account is linked first

If this does not resolve it, what was the last thing you did in the game before the issue occurred if you can remember?

My pet filter is locked on RARITY. I have changed it, saved it, exited, hit Y, then saved, then exited, and I have tried every combo I could think of.

Every time I load the pet list it comes up as Rarity, no matter how I load it/ save it.

Minor inconvenience but still annoying.

Reinstalling actually fixed it. Now I can try to reproduce it :grin:

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Steps to make it happen again
Choose Sort Order “Upgradable” at the Pets and save the Filter. Then restart the game. Boom, wrong Filter displayed

Oh! I got it! Thanks, that helps. I’ve reproduced this and made a report for the team.

If anyone else experiences this issue please reinstall to fix it (though it didn’t work for me - you may need to uninstall, verify game cache, reinstall). I would be interested to know what platform/language you are on as we tested this on PC and in German.

I can confirm this issue at least for Android+German, too (that’s where the reinstallation worked for me :wink: )

This is fixed in the next update version 4.2 :smiley: :confetti_ball: