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[REPORTED] Pet Type Filter selection appearance


After applying a pet Type Filter and then returning to the filters screen, the type shown reverts to “All troop types” even though a specific type is currently active in the filter. The same thing does not occur with the other two filters here (order or kingdom). Also, may I suggest this be changed to “All Pet Types” instead of “All troop types”

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?. Happens every time.

Steps to make it happen again
Hit the x while on the pet tab in troops & teams.
Select a pet Type from the drop down.
Hit x to apply the filter.
Hit x again to revisit the Filters screen.
You can see the selection doesn’t appear retained although the filter is working correctly.

All of these were supposedly “fixed.” Mine seem to randomly persist and other times reset as soon as I leave the screen.

Just noticed this today. I am unaware if it was or wasn’t happening before but it is definitely happening now (on Android).

Passed this along.

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