Save Filter saves text already removed from text box, and

Platform, device version and operating system:
Win10 x64

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

  • Looked at my weapons. Sort by Name was showing in the Filter.
  • Set weapon filter to “Rarity,” clicked Save Filter then Apply Filter.
  • Later accessed my troops from the PvP Defence team interface. Filter was incorrectly set to Sort by Rarity.
  • Typed “tour” into the text box to see Tourmaline and add it to my PvP defence.
  • Opened the Filter again, cleared the text box, set Sort order to Base Rarity, clicked Save Filter then Apply Filter.
  • Later still, clicked on Troops. The troop filter had saved with “tour” in the text box, despite my removing it before saving the filter. So I could only see two troops.
  • To fix the problem, I clicked Reset Filter, Save Filter, Apply Filter. Then exited the Troop dialogue.
  • Then I selected Sort by Base Rarity, Save Filter, Apply Filter. Back to map. (This is so clunky!)
  • Returning to the weapons tab, I noticed that my weapons were sorted by Rarity, but the Filter claimed it was sorting my Name.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
First bug is new, to my experience.

Second bug has “always” been there, but has changed with v4.7. That is, the Troop and Weapon filters have always been inexplicably (and IMO stupidly) connected. But in the past, if you selected Sort Troops by Base Rarity, weapons would either retain their previous setting (maybe? a long time ago?) or their filter would display Sort by Rarity to match the actual sort order.

In short, whatever was done in v4.7 appears to have made the already-broken Filter interface worse than before.

Please fix the Filter Interface!

I have been asking you to fix many broken or badly designed elements of the Filter interface ever since it was first released. Salty kept saying it was too difficult, but this was exposed as a lie when the troop bonus pets were added and a brand new filter was added at the same time. I’ve made dozens of what I think are common sense suggestions and observations about Filters (search my posts), and all but one has been completely ignored for years. (And that one was fixed without announcement, as if you were ashamed of it.)

Players use the Troop/Weapon/Pet interface every single day. Every stupid, annoying bug and glitch pushes us away from playing – every single day.

Rather than redesigning the entire story interface to a comic book style that is arguably worse than what we had before, why on Earth did you not spend that time fixing the Filter: something that players actually care about?!

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