New troop Filter bug and long-ignored requests

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam (and probably all the others)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
This entire post is about the various Troops Filters.

The basic problem is that the Troop and Weapon Filters and Saved Filters need to be independent, but are not. The Pet Filter and Saved Filter is independent. There is no good reason for the others to be linked (there really isn’t).

There’s a few aspects to this bug, and I’m sure you can find more:

  1. If you set the Weapon Filter and/or Saved Filter to sort by Rarity, the Troop Filter is also set to Rarity (whereas I want it on Base Rarity – obviously).

  2. If you set the Troop Filter to Base Rarity, the Weapon Filter appears to be set to Alphabetic (which is generally the most useless setting), except that the weapons are still listed in Rarity order.

  3. If you set the Troop Filter to Amount, the Weapon Filter actually changes to Alphabetic/Card Name.

  4. If you set the Troop Filter to All-Seeing Eye, the Weapon Filter doesn’t change (technically, this is a bug, although the behaviour is desirable).

  5. If you set the Weapon Filter (or Pet Filter) to All-Seeing Eye, you get no results (this is definitely a bug, though of a different kind).

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Fully reproduceable. Version 6.5 for 1-2; forever for 3-5.

While you’re fixing the Filters, please also do the following:
Before I start, I am thrilled that you’ve made small changes to the Filters in version 6, despite Salty repeatedly (and clearly, wrongly) arguing for years that it can’t easily be done. But while you’re in there, there’s a lot of other stuff that would make players’ lives SO much easier!

It’s not my job to record this stuff, but since your CMs have refused to pass this stuff on for years, I’m going to do this just once, and deliberately without further comment. You can assume that all of these are critical changes of equal priority. Some are also bugs under your rather limited definition. Please also trawl old forum posts for anything I may have missed.

  1. The Troop, Weapon and Pet Filters must be independent, as must their Saved Filters.

  2. A Saved Filter should be saved as soon as “Save Filter” is clicked. Currently, it is only saved if Apply Filter is also clicked, immediately afterwards.

  3. Saved Filters should apply regardless of which path has been followed to reach the troop screens. In particular, it must apply when choosing teams for events and when clicking through from the Kingdom Power task list. If you disagree, please put an option for this in the Options.

  4. Typing a Kingdom name into the text box should detect this and activate the corrresponding selection in the Kingdom selector box. This is especially important now that we have over 60 kingdoms. The same can safely be done for troop Roles.

  5. There’s a number of things that are very hard to search for using the text box. I won’t offer solutions, because there’s too many ways to approach this. Some examples include: half-mana start, spells and traits related to a single gem colour, troop names that also appear as trait names, some common words that I can’t think of now.

  6. On PC, on a 1920x1080 display/window on a 27" display, I have to scroll down too see the Troop Role selector in the Filter. On my 2048-wide iPad with a 10" display, I can see all of the drop-downs. Both the troop filter and the chat interface need to be more aware of device/window dpi, and respond accordingly.

  7. On both iOS and Android, the list of troops (not within the Filter, for this one) often won’t scroll properly when dragged, especially to the last screen. Sometimes, the single arrows won’t go all the way to the start or end of the list of displayed troops.

  8. In the list of troops (again, not in the Filter), the double-arrows don’t behave logically in two, common scenarios. Clicking the double arrows should: a) move at least one screen up or down (eg: if there’s only one troop starting with A, don’t just move to B); and, b) move to the start/end of the list if no further categories remain (actually, it looks like you’ve already done this, but apparently didn’t want credit for doing something good).

  9. One more on the troop list before returning to the Filter. Sorting Troops by Amount and then moving through the list is insane for end-gamers. The simplest solution is to create bins when using the double arrows. My suggestion: 10,000 to 1,000; 1,000 to 101; 100 to 51; 50 to 26; 25 to 11; 10 to 6; 5; 4; 3; 2; 1; 0. Those numbers correspond to ascension counts, plus the usefulness of seeing which troops you don’t have at 4x Mythic. You could also allow us to reverse the/any sort order.

  10. Sorting by Kingdom needs to be added to all three filters. This is especially critical for pets, but is also useful for Troops and Weapons.

  11. All Factions need to be removed from the list of Kingdoms in the Weapon Filter. It does nothing. I would also add an “All Factions” item at the top of the list of Kingdoms in the Weapon Filter, and update the weapon meta-data accordingly. And, obviously, the name of the Faction should be added to every faction weapon, in a cosmetic-only manner. To be clear, it’s important to be able to identify a weapon as coming from a particular Faction, but you can’t use the double-kingdom system used for Troops unless you want to allow those weapons to be used in Pure Faction teams (which has, of course, been suggested and rejected many times). It’s also pointless to keep the Factions separate in the Kingdom list when selecting it will only ever show a single weapon. But seeing all Faction weapons allows you to see which you have and don’t have, and where to find them.

  12. For unowned weapons, the text “Available from Bundles & Special Events only” needs to be changed to something more useful. In particular, we should be able to identify the type of event, as well as those weapons which are craftable versus only available from the Weekly Kingdom Shop (or whatever you call it).

  13. It would be really nice to have a single Explode/Destroy/Convert/Create Gems option in the Spell Effect list.

  14. The Kingdom list is now impossible to navigate, especially on touch devices. I hesitate to point this out, as I can think of a lot of really awful solutions to the problem…

  15. The Class Filter (which I didn’t realise existed) is hopefully independent of the others, both when Saved and unsaved. Rather than having a drop-down for Kingdom and Troop Type (which will match very few options), I would suggest making them into sort orders – particularly Kingdom. That still leaves a problem scrolling through the list of classes. I suggest some kind of green-arrow arrangement across the bottom that can skip 1, 2 or 3 screens at once (for example). I also suggest another set of Filter categories, based on a combination of Traits and Talents. This needs some development, but my starting point would be to show all classes with a half-mana start, with colour bonuses, etc. Grouping the Troop Types would also be useful, as would showing the kingdom and type on the class tile.

  16. We need a way to convert all excess copies of Pets to Pet Food, just as we can do for Troops and Souls.

  17. Special, platform pets should be displayed separately in the Collection count. For example, mine says 189/190 pets, but I’m actually missing two standard pets, so it should say 188/190 +2. Note that it doesn’t add up, either way (I have the Steam pet, and thought I had one of the mobile pets, though I can’t find the latter right now).

  18. Pets are sometimes shown to have been rescued, when in fact they cannot be acquired from a Pet Rescue at all. This appears to have been fixed for some Factions, but it’s inconsistent. Compare Baaldog (which makes sense) with Bulb-Biter (which doesn’t). Angry Anvil should say it’s been crafted. I suspect there are other examples.

  19. Please do go back to Saturday pet rescues for old pets. For example, I ran out of gems for Mimicophagus and wasn’t able to max it. And there’s other pets I have unmaxed from events early in my GoW career. That said, please allow Pet Gnomes to operate normally on Wednesday and Saturday once the day’s pet has been rescued.

  20. Faction pets MUST have their faction name appear next to the kingdom name on their “card.” It’s so important, I’ve been Renaming them to the name of their Faction, but there’s no enough characters for some. Note that selecting “All-Seeing Eye” in the Kingdom list does not show any pets. The same comments apply as for Weapons, above. Sorting Pets by Kingdom (but not Faction) is also a critical feature, as mentioned above.

  21. The Pet Type drop-down needs to be completely revamped to continue to be useful. Here’s my suggestion (in order): All Pet Types (NOT All Troop Types, as it says before you open the drop-down), Resources Bonus (encompassing Gold, Souls, XP, Treasure Map Turns, etc), Gem Mastery Bonus, Colour Team Bonus, Kingdom Team Bonus, Faction Team Bonus, Troop Type Team Bonus, Single Troop Bonus, All Cosmetic, Campaign Cosmetic, Calendar Cosmetic, Other Cosmetic. I hope it’s clear why this would be far more useful than the current set-up.

  22. In the Photo interface for each pet, Cosmetic pets currently all show “No Bonus.” They need to show the occasion on which they were released. I would also include the campaign number for Campaign Cosmetic pets, in addition to the name.

  23. In the Photo interface for each weapon, the mana type and cost is not shown – rather bizarrely. This definitely needs to be added to the weapon photo display! (Arguably also to the troop photo display.)

  24. Troop flavour text sadly does not appear when looking at troops outside of the troop list.

Having reached a favourite number, I’m going to stop this list, here.

@Jeto @Kafka – please make sure to pass this on to Sirrian and/or Nimhain in full. Keeping it away from them will just make the list longer! I would also ask that you schedule all of this for the 6.7 update (ie: two updates from now). You really do owe it to your players. :slight_smile: Thank you.


I’ve previously made a topic with more ideas for managing the Troops page (searching and filters) if you want to incorporate any of them…

Easy example: search “Lycanthropy” and you get Villager (via spell name) and campaign Weretroops (via trait name).

We need a separate filter for troop traits (non-unique traits only).

Is there a good way to search only Rare troops? For me, searching for Rare in the filter brings up Ultra-Rare troops as well, which doesn’t help when I’m trying to find if I missed medaling any Rare troops. At best, I can organize it by base rarity, which still shoves the Rare troops half-way down the troop lists when Rare troops are my primary search in the first place.

Yeah sort by base rarity than use the double arrow. Slightly inconvenient but only takes a few extra clicks


What about sorting by “Elite Level”?

If you type “rare”, while sorting it by Elite Level, it mixes the Rares and Ultra-Rares together.