Troop/Weapon filter ideas

Not all “Spell Effect” filters are created equal.

The “Deal Damage” filter is one such – there are far, FAR too many spells with different types of damage-dealing effects for this to be particularly useful. Can we get this split into its subtypes?

  • “Damage An Opponent” (1 or 2 opponents)
  • “Damage All Opponents” (equally)
  • “Scatter Damage” (including true scatter)
  • “Splash Damage” (including true splash)
  • (True Damage already has its own filter, thanks!)

Can “Mana Drain” get its own entry in Spell Effects?

  • It is currently combined with “Decrease Skill Points” which is patently incorrect because Mana level is NOT a Skill Point. Skill Points always refers exclusively to a troop’s Attack/Armor/Life/Magic stats (e.g. “Decrease all Skills by #” does NOT include Mana) and there are too many spells doing that to find mana-draining spells easily.
  • Its opposite counterpart, “Generate Mana”, has its own filter already (and is NOT combined with “Increase Skill Points”)

Similarly, “Steal Mana” must be distinct from “Steal Skill Points” because (as given above) current Mana level is not a Skill Point – if anything, it’s a Resource.

On which note, “Take Resources” should be renamed to “Steal Gold” because that’s apparently the only resource type that can even be “taken” to begin with. And its opposite counterpart (“generate resources”) is already split between Gold/Souls/Treasure Maps.

Additionally, can we maybe get a new filter for “Spell Target”?

  • All Troops (for allies, this includes both “all” and “all other”)
  • Selected Troop
  • Self
  • First Troop
  • Last Troop
  • Random Troop
  • Strongest Troop
  • Weakest Troop