[Fixed] General Edison (and other Kingdom Pass troops) missing from Chests

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Can’t show what is missing

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Despite Announcement in the weekly post for Zaejin week and other events, General Edison IS NOT in chests, how they should be.
The last legendary release picture showing there is Beltane.

Also, no one have found BORK - 3000 and Tinker Dwarf (Epic and Ultra-Rare) from Adana Kingdom Pass yet.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Since the weekly reset on July 31st 2023

Steps to make it happen again
Use keys or seals and try to find something that clearly isn’t there.


Unfortunately, I have to admit that the players are faced with another miscalculation of the developers. I demand the same compensation for all players that was given when it was impossible to draw a certain card for green keys. Namely - unlocking in the forge of free bonuses

Sorry, but i have to bump this, as it is still being ignored by mods!
This is just another betrayal to the players, cause Gneral Edison was announced to be in chests since last week’s Monday!!!
And what about Tinker Dwarf and BORK?
I encourage all players who spent keys since then to send in tickets for compensation!
How many gates we have seen now?
Weavergate, Hawthorngate, Kurandaragate and now Edisongate?


Yes, would very much appreciate an update from staff :sweat_smile:


+1 on this bump; everyone that opened lots of keys looking for Virago got stiffed here.

(I didn’t spend keys yet; holding out hope that this gets fixed this week so that I can get Edison incidentally while going for Virago. Time’s running out on that hope though.)


I just found Ace of Runes in the vault, as promised on last week’s post.
However, the other Adana pass troops are not in regular chests as stated.

@Bramble can you take a look in this regarding the other troops, please?

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Hello :slight_smile:

Just to clarify for investigation

  • Is it the Adana Pass troops and General Edison that is believed to be missing from the chest drop pool?

General Edison is the Legendary from Adana Kingdom pass and BORK - 3000 and Tinker Dwarf the lower rarity ones. Yes, they are still missing…

Link to the weekly announcement where says Edison supposed to be there.

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I urge players to demand compensation from developers for the lack of cards in chests. I spent a lot of keys and wings. I demand compensation! How much can you cheat players? join my demands


So, those of us who spent hundreds of keys getting this troop, only for there to be zero possibility, I’d like those keys back please.

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I hope that this problem will be fixed before Friday, so we can get new mythic and those troops as well.

Hello :slight_smile:

Just a quick heads up, during the investigation, we found that these troops (General Edison + Adana Pass) were inside the chests, but was actually scheduled later than intended.

As such, alongside the fix rolling out in the next 24hrs - we’re going to be sending Global Mail containing a copy of General Edison as a compensation.

Thank you everyone for helping us find this issue! :slight_smile:


But now are in chests ?

Not yet, in the next 24 hours, so you probably don’t want to pull before Friday reset.

Thank you, that’s quite unexpected. Any chance the person who usually signs off compensations could stay on vacation a week or two longer? :innocent:


The apology email says “they are now appearing in chests as intended”. I really do hope the fix went in before the email went out, not at some in-the-next-24h after the email.

I will wait for someone else to test it lol

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I just got a Bork-3000 from glory chests, does that count?


Bork is on the chest splash screen, but not Edison yet. Or the Dwarf anywhere, so I would learn towards not in the chests yet.

not mine, but from trusted player in our guild family


Thanks for actually sending out a troop. Didn’t expect that at all so I’m a happy customer now. :grin: