General Edison absent in chests?

I spent a huge number of keys, but I never fished this card. Are there any players who got it from chests?


confirm, doesn’t look like it’s available

Seems to be missed from chests, despite announcement:

General Edison (Adana Legendary) - last legendary picture release is Beltane.


Bork 3000 - Adana Epic
Tinker Dwarf - Adana Ultra-rare

All from Kingdom Pass…

I guess I also wasted keys trying to get him. Not good, especially since they announced otherwise.

Hopefully by Friday, when the new Mythic arrives, they’ll have it straightened out. In the meantime…

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Unfortunately, I have to admit that the players are faced with another miscalculation of the developers. I demand the same compensation for all players that was given when it was impossible to draw a certain card for green keys. Namely - unlocking in the forge of free bonuses

tinker dwarf and BORK are missing too.

Seriously…how hard is it to fix this??? This bs is why people complain so much because you can’t even be bothered to fix the simplest things.


I tried too because of the announcement.

Needs to update this with bug report otherwise will get passed by.


Same here, spent a lot but seems is not in chest…

Any news on this? I don’t want to waste keys since this is the only troop I’m currently looking for.

Edit: Nevermind! We all have him now.

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