[Fixed] Epic Troop in Soulforge (Tutankhatmun)

As shown. Added bonus for being priced as a legendary, further added bonus for being a pretty lame epic in my personal opinion.


Was just about to report seeing this on Xbox as well :+1:

at one time in its creation before release, it was a legendary. they eventually downshifted it. No idea how they forgot to remove this as legendary in the soulforge though lol.


New players may not know this and epic troop will craft for diamonds.

Moreover, it takes place of another true Legendary troop, which might be really useful for someone.


Indeed, but of course it hasn’t been fixed yet…

It hasn’t been fixed yet as we are just trickling into the office. I have informed the team and we are looking into it now, thank you for letting us know.

Last time when zuul was craftable using diamonds, it was fixed within 30 mins after weekly reset


The epic troop has been replaced by king avelorn

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still not fixed on Xbox One

Working on it!


Hello. First time poster here. I recently got this troop out of a chest as a Legendary (PC/Android). Not exactly sure if I should use it or ignore it LOL.

Hey @SlingBlayde If you have ascended the Troop’s rarity then every copy you get from now on will have the upgrades you have unlocked :slight_smile:

This article explains ascension:

@Kafka Thanks for the reply! Yes, I’m good with ascension. I’m currently at level 306 and have ascended a few troops. My point was that the Tutankhatmun I got out of a chest was already at Legendary status (not Epic). Also, it’s traits seem very mediocre for a Legendary. Lastly, most of the time, I do a forum or Google search for tier lists before I spend resources to upgrade a troop. I can’t find much on Tutankhatmun. Now that I think about it, I’ve been looking at Legendary lists though. Perhaps he was originally Epic and would show up in those discussions. Anyway, thanks again!